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Monday, March 25, 2013

6-2-4 Mangal Dosh/Kujdosh

6-2-4 Mangal Dosh/Kujdosh

When Mars is placed in first,fourth ,seventh,eighth or twelfth house,the Kundali has Mangal Dosh and the person is called a "Mangalik." The location of Mangal in these five houses is considered  inauspicious, particularly for the married life.
A large number of astrologers, particularly in south India, include second house also in the mangal dosh.In a kundali (horoscope) there are twelve houses and out of these twelve houses Mars causes Mangal Dosh in six houses, which means 50 per cent of the people are Mangalik and they  have some trouble or the other in their married life.The intention of the creator of the world can not be to make the married life of the half of the population troublesome. So people need not be afraid of this Dosh.
Besides it, there are some other aspects and angles which should also be considered.The over all strength of the kundli ,strength of the planets,benefice aspects and the strength of mars must also be considered.
Cancellations of  Mangal Dosh :-
The following are the two types of exceptions and cancellation of Mangal Dosh - 
A. From the kundali of the native himself/herself.
B. From the kundali of the partener.

A. From the kundali of the native himself/herself.
(1) If mars is in Lagna (the first house) in Aries,or mars in Sagittarius in the twelfth house, or mars in Scorpio in fourth house,or mars in Pisces in the seventh house or mars in Aquarius in the eight house, the mangal dosh does not occur in that kundali or mangal dosh is considered as cancelled.
(2) If mars is receiving drishti from Jupiter,Mangal dosh is not harmful.
(3).If mars is placed with jupiter or moon, or moon is in the kendra  i.e. in the first or fourth or seventh or tenth house,Mangal Dosh is cancelled.
(4) If in the birth chart of a girl,Jupiter is placed in Kendra or in Trikon,then mangal dosh is removed.
(5) If mars is in its own sign, in Aries or Scorpio, if mars is exalted (i.e. in the sign cancer), if mars is in its friends' sign , in uchha navansh or in swanavansh, mangal dosh is removed.

(B).From the kundali of the partener.
1.If in both the persons' birth charts,mangal is placed in the first , fourth ,seventh , eighth or twelfth house , then  due to equality,mangal dosh is nullified. (i.e. if a girl or a boy having mangal dosh, is married to a boy or a girl with mangal dosh, the mangal dosh is cancelled and there will be mutual happiness.)
2. If in one person's birth chart , mars is placed in the first , fourth ,seventh, eighth or twelfth house and in the others person's birth chart, saturn or rahu is placed in one of these houses , then mangal dosh is not there.
 Remedial measures to repel mangal dosh :

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