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Friday, March 1, 2013

8-2-23 Procedure of Arghya to Surya Dev / Sun

Arghya to Surya Dev (Sun)/Offering water to Sun god(How to offer Arghya to Surya /Sun )

The sun or Surya is considered as life giver.Surya Puja is a divine boon.Offering Arghya to surya is also consisered as surya Puja.
Benefits of Offering Arghya to surya dev :-
-Brings prosperity in one's life and makes one's dreams come true.
- Brings happiness in life.
-Give power and energy.
-Cures diseases like heart ailment,nervous weakness,Asthma etc.
-Keeps one healthy and strong.
-Gives self confidence and removes negative feelings.
The procedure of Arghya ( How to offer Arghya to Sun ) :-
For Arghya a copper utensil should be used. Fill the copper utensil with water and add red sandal,kumkum and red flowers to the water.In the morning keep standing and keep your face towards east and let the water fall down slowly ( This falling down the water is known as Arghya ). Arghya must be offered at the place where nobody should visit there. It is better to let this water fall  in another utensil and after offering Arghya, the Arghya water  should be poured to some plant.
While giving Arghya recite the following Mantra:-
'Aum Sooryaaya Namah.'  
'ॐ सूर्याय नमः।'

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