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Monday, July 29, 2013

12.2.7 Inspirational Quotations ( Page-2)

(1) Ask not what country can do for you , ask what you can do for your country.      
(John F. Kennedy)
(2) Don't ask for a light load, but rather ask for a strong back.       (Anonymous)
(3) Constant dripping hollows out a stone.
(4) Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get.    
( Ray Kroc)
(5) Believe with all of your  heart that you will do what you were made to do.    
(Orison Swett Marden )
(6) You're on the road to success when you realize that failure is only a detour. (Anonymous)
(7) To avoid criticism do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.
( Elbert Hubbard)
(8) Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking .      
(William B. Sprague)
(9) There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.
(Dr. Denis Waitle)
(10)You haven't failed until you quit trying.   
( Anonymous)
(11) Time solves a lot of things. Time may also solve what you are worrying about today. 
(12) Let's not allow ourselves to be upset by small things. 
(13) Wise men never sit and wail their loss, but cheerily seek how to redress their harms.
(14) Count your blessing , not your troubles.
(15) Nothing is more efficacious than confidence. 
( Charles-maurice de Tallyrand )
(16) Our greatest glory is not in never failing but in arising after every fall.          
(Coulsen Kernahan )
(17) Knowledge is the only thing that can enrich but can not be taken from one.       
(Ignace J. Paderewski)
(18) The first Principle of achievement is mental attitude.Man begins to achieve when he begins to believe.      (J.C. Roberts)
(19)If a man does only what is required of him, he is a slave. The moment he does more, he is a free man.    
(20) Always act as if the impossible were possible.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

10.3.8 Shravan Maas / Sawan Month and Shiv Pooja

Shiva Puja In Sawan or Shravan

Shravan or Sawan month is the fifth month of the Hindu calendar. According to the Hindu belief it is a holy and auspicious  month which is dedicated to Lord Shiva.
During the whole month people go to the Shiv temples, worship Lord Shiva, offer flowers and Bel leaves, perform Abhishek to the Shiv ling and chant different Mantras related to Lord Shiv like Panchakshar Mantra and Mahamrityunjay Mantra etc.
Some people keep fast for the thirty days of the month. Some people observe fast only on the Mondays which fall in the month of Sawan. Each day of this month is considered holy and auspicious but Mondays of this month are considered most auspicious so people worship Lord Shiv and keep fast on Mondays. It is believed that worshiping Lord Shiva in the month of Shravan brings prosperity and peace in the family.
Some other Vrat and festivals are also observed in this month. They are - Mangala Gauri Pooja and Vrat, Swarn Gauri vrat, Nag Panchmi, Hariyali Amavasya, Chhoti Teej, Raksha bandhan etc.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

10.3.7 Pradosh Vrat / Benefits of Pradosh Vrat

Pradosh Vrat / Why should Pradosh Vrat be observed/ Benefits of observing Pradosh Vrat

When is Pradosh Vrat observed -
Pradosh vrat is observed twice a month on Trayodashi Tithi of both the Paksh i.e. Krishna Paksh and Sukhla Paksh.( Click here10.5.2 to know the dates of Prasosh in the current year)
Benefits of observing Pradosh Vrat -
It is believed that observing Pradosh Vrat and worshiping Lord Shiva during the Pradosh kaal ( Pradosh kaal is a period of three Ghatis from the sunset time ), bring peace, prosperity and good luck to the Vratis and to the worshipers. If the person has a particular desire to be fulfilled by the grace of Lord Shiva, he/she must observe the Pradosh Vrat on a particular day of the week when the Trayodashi falls as given below -
1. For getting a good son - If the person has a desire of getting a good son, he/she must start the Pradosh vrat from Trayodashi which falls on Saturday and must continue it for one year. The Trayodashi which falls on Saturday is known as Shani Pradosh.
2. For debt relief ( for getting rid of poverty ) -
The person who wants to get rid of poverty, must start observing the Pradosh Vrat from Trayodshi Tithi which falls on Tuesday and must continue it for one year. The Trayodashi which falls on Tuesday is known as Bhaum Pradosh.
3. For goof fortune / Prosperity / Welfare -
The person who wants good fortune, must start observing the Pradosh Vrat from the Trayodashi which falls on Friday and must continue it for one year.
4. For getting a particular wish or desire fulfilled - The person who has a particular desire or wish to be fulfilled, must start observing the Pradosh vrat from the Trayodashi which falls on Monday and must continue it for one year. The Trayodashi Tithi which falls on Monday is known as Som Pradosh.
5. For good health and longevity - The person who wants good health, must start observing Pradosh Vrat from the Trayodashi Tithi which falls on Sunday and must continue it for one year.
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

8.3.4 Abhishek / Shiva Abhishek / Rudrabhishek

Abhishek :-
Abhishek is a Snan or a holy bath. Shiva Abhishek means ' The pouring of water on Shiva ling' which can be called the snan or holy bath to Lord Shiva. It is believed that Abhishek is a part of Shiva pooja and it is a good way of pleasing Lord Shiv which brings happiness in the life of the devotee and gives him peace and prosperity. While performing Jal ( water) Abhishek the devotee should chant Mantras dedicated or related to Lord Shiva like panchakshari Mantra, Om Namah Shivay, Mrityunjaya mantra, Rudra mantra etc.
Rudrabhishek -
While offering Abhishek, the devotee chants some Mantra or the other. If he chants the Vedic Rudra Sukt while pouring water  or any other material on the Shiva ling, is known as Rudrabhishek. It is done for peace and prosperity, to get rid of evil forces, diseases and possible dangers.
Substances or items or material used for Abhishek:-
While performing Abhishek, water is poured on the Shiv ling. But besides water, some other items are also used. Some of these items are -Ganga jal, milk, sugarcane juice, ghee, honey, coconut water, curd, panchamrit etc. These different items fulfill the different purposes ( wishes ) of the devotee.        
1. The water of Ganga - For getting all the four Pursharths, one should perform Abhishek with the water of Ganga.
2.With Ghee - for progeny or vansh vriddhi.
3.With water - for mental peace and general purpose and for having good rain
4.With milk -  for getting peace in the family and getting rid of other troubles.
5.With juice of sugarcane - for prosperity and pleasure.
6.Honey - for fulfilling wishes

Friday, July 12, 2013

10.3.6 Mahashivratri Vrat / Shivaratri Vrat 2017

Shivaratri Vrat / Shivratri 2017/ When is Shivratri observed/ Benefits of observing Shivratri Vrat

When is Shivratri or Mahashivratri in 2017
In the year 2017 Maha Shiv Ratri Vrat will be observed on Friday, 24.02.2017. 
According to the Hindu calendar Maha Shiv Ratri Vrat is absered on the Nishith Vyapini Chaturdashi Tithi in the Krishna Paksh of Phalgun month. It is believed that keeping fast on Shiv Ratri and offering prayers to Lord Shiva brings good luck and destroys the sins of the devotees. On Shiv Ratri , the night is considered better for Shiv Pooja.
If one wants to do Pooja in the night, the timings of Shiv Pooja are given below  - 
Date- 24.02.2017 Friday
Nisheeth kaal - 12. 25 a.m. to 1.15 a.m. 
Four Prahar Pooja timings :-
First Prahar - 6.32 p. m. to 9.41 p.m., Second Prahar - 9.41 12.51 a.m., Third Prahar - 12.51 a.m. to 04.00 a.m. , Fourth prahar -04.00 a.m. to 07.08 a.m. 
Why is Mahashivratri festival celebrated on Phalgun Krishna Chaturdashi -
According to the Hindu calendar, there are sixteen Tithis. Every Tithi has its own god or lord. It is considered to worship the god on the tithi to which he is the Lord. Lord Shiva is the lord of Chaturdashi Tithi so worshiping Lord Shiva on this Tithi is considered to be the best and auspicious. The chaturdashi in the Krishna paksh is called Masik Shivratri ( monthly shivratri ). But the chaturdashi in the krishna paksh of the month of Phalgun is called Mahashivratri because on the night of chaturdashi of krishna paksh in the month of Phalgun, Lord Shiva Himself manifested in the form of a Ling as mentioned in the Ishaan Sanhitaa ' Shiv Ling Tayodhoot koti Soorya samprabh '.
Benefits of Mahashivratri vrat -
1. Mahashivratri is the grand festival of pleasing Lord Shiva and of getting one's desires fulfilled.
2. According to the Skand Puran, the person who worships Lord Shiva and observes fast on Phalgun krishna chaturdashi, is free from the cycle of rebirth.
3. The Mahashivratri vrat is salvation given vrat.
4. The Vrati gets rid of his diseases.
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( 10.3.5 ) Dev Uthani Ekadashi/ Dev Prabodhini Ekadashi 2016

Dev Uthani Ekadasi / Dev Prabodhini Ekadashi 2016 Vrat  and Tulasi Vivah 

When is Dev Uthani Ekadashi / Dev Prabodhini Ekadashi
This year Dev  Uthani Ekadashi  is on Thursday, 10.11.2016.
Dev Uthani Ekadashi
Kartika Shukla Ekadashi is known as the Dev Uthani Ekadashi or Dev Prabodhani Ekadashi.
Dev Prabodhan means waking up of the Gods. According to the Purans, on this day God Vishnu wakes up after four months of sleep in the Kshir Sagar on Dev Uthani Ekadashi. This holy day is considered very important for the Hindus. On this day people worship the images of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi. On this day the period of Chaturmas ends. So it is considered auspicious. The marriages and other auspicious tasks which could not be done during the period of Dev Shayan and Chaturmas , are started again on this day.
Ekadashi Vrat - People keep fast on this day. It is said that observing the Vrat on Ekadashi destroys the sins of the person. The person who keeps fast should get up early in the morning , take bath and offer prayers. Then he should perform a simple Pooja of Lord Vishnu at home. If there is a Vishnu temple near his home , he should go there and have Darshan of the image of Lord Vishnu. He should keep the fast for 24 hours and break it next day ( on Dwadashi) after having a bath.
Prayer Mantras for Dev Prabodhani Ekadashi - Vishnu Sahshtra naam 
or Om  Namo Narayan 
or Om Namo Vasudevay 
or any Stotra or prayer related to Lord Vishnu. 
On this day some people perform the marriage of Tulasi  ( a holy plant ) with Saligram ( a form of Lord Vishnu).
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8.3.3 Shiv Raksha Stotra (For protection from Illness,Evil spirits,Poverty etc.)

 Shiva Raksha Stotra ( For Protection)

Shiva Raksha Stotra is a Hymn which has the power to protect the person from diseases (physical and mental) , Evil spirits, poverty and all other Negative Feelings. Besides protecting, Shiva Raksha Stotra fulfills the desires and removes all the negativity and fears from the life of the person who chants or recites it with full faith , devotion and concentration.
This Stotra was told to Yaagya Valkya by Lord Narayan (Vishnu) in the dream and Yagya Valkya wrote it in the morning when he got up.The Shiva Raksha Stotra is given below -
1. Charitam dev devasya mahaadevasya paavanam.
Apaaram paramodaaram chaturvargasya saadhanam.
2. Gouree vinaayakopetam panchavaktram trinetrakam.
Shivam dhyaatvaa dash bhujam shivarakshaam pathhennar.
3. Gangaadharah shirah paatu bhaalamrdhendu shekharah.
Nayanou madandhvansee karne sapreevibhooshanah.
4. Ghraanam paatu puraaraatirmukham paatu jagatpati.
Jihvaan vaagiishvarah paatu kandharam shitikandharah.
5. Shreekanthah paatu me kantham skandhou vishvadhuurandharah.
Bhujou bhoobhaarasanhartaa karou paatu pinaakdhrik.
6. Hridayam shankarah paatu jatharam girijaapati.
Naabhim mrityunjayah paatu kativyaaghrajinaambarah.
7. Sakhthinee paatu deenaart - sharanaagatavatsalah.
Uroo maheshvareah paatu jaanunee jagadeeshvarah.
8. Janghe paatu jagatkartaa gulfou paatu ganaadhipah.
Charanou karunaasindhu sarvaangaani sadashivah.
1. चरितं देवदेवस्य महादेवस्य पावनम।
अपारं परमोदारं चतुर्वर्गस्य साधनं।
2. गौरी विनायकोपेतं पञ्चवक्त्रं त्रिनेत्रकम।
शिवम् ध्यात्वा दशभुजं शिवरक्षां पठेन्नर:।
3. गंगाधर: शिर: पातु भालमर्धेंदुशेखर:।
नयने  मदनध्वंसी कर्णे सर्पविभूषण:।
4. घ्राणं पातु पुरारातिर्मुखं पातु जगत्पति:।
जिह्वा वागीश्वर: पातु कन्धरां शितिकन्धर:।
5.श्री कंठ: पातु में कण्ठं स्कन्धौ विश्व धुरंधर:।
भुजौ भूभारसंहर्ता करौ पातु पिनाकधृक।
6. हृदयं  शंकर: पातु जठरं गिरिजापति:।
नाभिं मृत्युंजय:  पातु कटिव्याघ्रजिनाम्बर:।
7. सक्थिनी पातु दीनार्त - शरणागत - वत्सल:।
ऊरू महेश्वर: पातु जानुनी जगदीश्वर:।
8. जंघे पातु जगत्कर्ता गुल्फौ पातु गणाधिप:।
चरणौ करूणा सिन्धु: सर्वाङ्गानि सदाशिव:।
Benefit of the kavach - A few mantras, stotras and cavachas, have been composed to please Lord Shiva and the person 's desires are fulfilled by the grace of Shiva. Shiv Raksha stotra is one of them. The devotee who recites this Shivaraksha stotra, gets salvation and Lord Shiva protects him from ghosts and gouls who wander in all the three worlds.
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11.1.2 Shayari in Hindi (Hindi Shasyari)

 Shayari in Hindi

(1) Havayen jor kitanaa hee lagaayen aandhiyan banakar ;
Magar jo ghir jaataa hai,vo baadal chhaa hee jaataa hai.
(Josh maleehaabaadee)
(2) Aadamee ke paas sab kuchh hai magar;
Ek tanhaa aadamiyat hee nahin.
(Jigar Muraadaabaadee)
(3)Dil kee dil se agar nikal jaatee;
Dil to veeraan ho gayaa hotaa .
(Hasarat Dehalavee)
(4) Ehasaas mar na jaaye to insaan ke liye ,
Kaaphee hai ek raah kee thokar lagee hui .
(Ehasaan Daanish)
(5) Jindagee hai yaa koi tuphaan hai,
Ham to is jeene ke haathon mar chale .
(Kwaajaa Meer Dard)
(6) Main to is vaasate chup hoon ki tamaashaa na bane ,
Too samajhataa hai mujhe tujhase gilaa kuchh bhee naheen.
(Akhtar Shumar)
(7)Isase badaa bataaye koi haadasaa hai kyaa,
Manjil to jaanataa hoon , magar raastaa naheen .
(Utakarsh Gaalib)
(8)Yoon vaphaa utha gayee jamaane se,
kabhee jaise kisee me thee hee naheen .
(9) Kisee pe tej davaayen asar nahin karatee ,
kisee kaa sirph duaaon se kaam ho jaaye .
(Govind Gulashan)
(10)Jism kee maut koi maut naheen hotee hai ,
Jism mar jaane se insaan naheen mar jaate .
(Saahir Ludhiayaanavee)
(11) Kaun rotaa hai kisee aur kee khaatir ea dost ,
Sabako apanee hee kisee baat pe ronaa aayaa.
(Saahir Ludhiayaanavee)
(12) Katl hote dikhaai dete hain,
Kaatilon kaa pataa naheen chalataa. 
(Jameel Haapudee)
(13) Main sochataa hoon ki ab usako kya kahaa jaaye,
Vah ajanavee jo mujhe maharbaan saa lagataa hai.
(Mateen Merathee)
(14)Umra gujar gai dil ko samajhaane men,
Vo hain ki dil bahalaane men lage rahe .
(15)Jaise meree nigaah ne dekhaa na ho kabhee ,
 Mahasoos yah hua tuje har baar dekha kar.
(Naresh Kumaar Shad)
(16)Ve hamaare kareeb hote hain,
Jab hamaaraa pataa naheen hotaa.
 (Jigar Muraadaabaadee)
(17) Ab jidhar dekhiye lagataa hai ki is duniyaa men,
Kanhee kuchh cheej jyaadaa hai, kanhee kuchh cheej kam hai.
(18) Badal jaaye agar maalee chaman hotaa naheen khalee,
Bahaaren  fir bhee aatee hain bahaaren fir bhee aayengee.
(Kaifee Aajamee)
(19) Hamako unase vafaa kee hai ummeed,
Jo naheen jaanate vafaa kyaa hai.
(20) Utaro na aasamaan se farishton vaheen raho,
Achhe  naheen jameen ke haalaat in dino.
(Hafeej Merathee)
(21) Kaanto se gujaranaa to badee baat hai lekin,
Foolon pe bhee chalanaa koi aasaan naheen hai.
(Aasee Daanaapuree)
(22) Dekhaa hai jindagee ko kuchh itanaa kareeb se,
Chehare tamaam lagane lage hain ajeeb se.
(Sahir Ludhiyaanavee)
(23) Kwavaahishen jindaa hain seene main kuchh  is tarah,
Jis tarah kagaj dabaa ho faailon ke beech men.
(Jakee Taareek)
(24) Kabhee - kabhee inshaan apanee soorat se bhee dar jaataa hai,
Kuchh khushiyaan aishee hotee hain jin se dil bhar jaataa hai.
(25) Kabhee tum hamen na samajhe, kabhee ham tumhen na samajhe,
Gujaaree hai jindagaanee kai galatfahamiyon men.
(Prafulla Chandara naanjaa)
(Note - The above mentioned Shayari is not our creation. It is our collection only )

Thursday, July 11, 2013

12.2.6 Brahmakumaris Quotations

Bramhakumaris' Teachings 

1. Never compare yourself with others. If you do so, it will make you arrogant or jealous.
2. Make best use of your time.
3. Good books are like good friends.
4. Before starting any work, think of its consequences also.
5. Be determined and things will start to be positive.
6. Knowledge is a great wealth.
Ask yourself -" How much have I ? ".
7. If you are afraid of death, you have not understood the real importance of life.
8. Having much more worldly knowledge may lead you to arrogance but the spiritual knowledge will lead you to modesty.
9. Never give up hope. It is only hope which makes you dynamic and energetic.
10. Final result cannot be declared until you stop your efforts.
11. Earning money is not bad but making its misuse is bad.
12. Bones are broken with a stick or a stone but relations are broken with words we use.
13. Thoughts are the seeds of every action, so sow the good seeds to get delicious fruits.
14. Smiling is the sign of satisfaction. So keep smiling.
15. Patience, faith and toleration are the key to success.
16. Do not expect from others if you want to be happy.
17. Fulfill the wishes of God and your wishes will be automatically fulfilled.
18. Enthusiasm and rapture help you achieve great aim.
19. Be a problem solver and not the problem creator.
20. Try to change yourself. It is better than trying to change others.

21. Share the happiness of life with others.

Monday, July 8, 2013

(10.1.5) Makar Sankranti 2017

Makar Sankranti Festival  2017

When is Makar Sankrati  in 2017
In the year 2017 Makarsankranti is on Saturday, 14.01.2017 .
The sun will enter the Makar Rashi at 07:37.
When is Makar Sankranti Punya Kaal in 2017
The Punya Kaal will be on 14.01.2017 from sun rise to Whole day.
What is Makar Sankranti -
Every month the sun transits from one sign of the zodiac to the next sign of the zodiac. This movement of the sun from one sign to another is called Sankranti. There are twelve signs so there are twelve Sankrantis in a year. When the sun moves from Sagittarius ( Dhanu Rashi) to Capricorn ( Makar Rashi ), is known as Makar Sankranti. 
Other important things about Makar Sankranti - 
The festival of Makar Sankranti is celebrated all over India in some form or the other. In Bihar and in some parts of Uttar Pradesh, it is known as 'Khichari'. In Tamilnadu it is celebrated as Pongal. In Bengal every year  a big  fair is held at Ganga Sagar. 
1.The traditional Indian calendar is based on lunar position but the calculation of sankranti is based on the Solar position. So Makar Sankranti takes place on 14 January while the dates of other festivals of the Hindus keep changing. 
2.On the day of Makar Sankranti the sun god stars moving from Southern hemisphere ( Dakshinayan)to the northern hemisphere (Uttaraayan).According to the Hindu traditions the period of six months  of Uttaraayan is a single day of the gods and the period of  six months of Dakshinayan is a single night of the gods. Uttaraayan is considered to be auspicious, so most of the auspicious things are done during this period
3.Bhishm Pitamaha had the boon of Ichchha Mrityu. So he chose Uttaraayan to leave this world for his heavenly abode. He kept lying on the bed of arrows and left this world on this day. 
4.Maharaj Bhagirat did great Tapashya and brought the holy river Ganga down to the earth to liberate the 60000 sons of Maharaj Sagar. It was the day of Makar Sankarati when he did Tarpan with the water of the Ganga and liberated them from the curse. Even today thousands of people have a bath in the water at Ganga sagar and do Tarpan for their ancestors. 
5. Jap , Tap , Bathing , Donation and Tarpan done on this day is considered to be very fruitful. If it is done at the bank of a river or a pool, is considered better. 
6. The Daan of Til (sesame seeds) is considered auspicious so people give the Laddus made of Til and Gur to their relatives, friends and other persons.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

7.3.8 Prayer - The Source of Mental Energy

Prayer is the most powerful source of mental energy.This energy gives the strength to the person to face the undesirable situations in a better way. Sometimes our worries are of so intimate  a nature that we cannot discuss them even with our closest relatives or friends. Then only the prayer is the answer. Prayer helps us to put into words exactly what is troubling us. Prayer gives us a sense of sharing our burdens of not being alone. When we pray, we link ourselves with the inexhaustible motive power that binds the universe.
Common things for saying prayer :- 
1. For a few minutes sit alone and quiet. Turn your thoughts away from the problems and fix your mind on God. Think about him in the most natural way.
2.Talk to God simply and naturally. You need not use formal words. Use your own language and tell Him the problem you have in your mind. 
3.Feel that God is with you, and He is helping you and giving you His blessings. 
4.Ask God for what you want but express your willingness to take what He wants.
5.Pray for strength to do your best  with confidence and leave the rest to God.
6.Think positive , not negative , when you pray.
7.Believe that your prayer will be answered.
8.Always have in mind that what is impossible for you, that is  possible for God.

7.3.9 Accept the unavoidable things for a happy Life

A better way to a happy life 

In this huge world every moment some events or the other happen. Some of them are in your favour but some others are against you. It happens to everyone.Nothing is under your control. So what is happening, let it happen. Do not worry about the things which are not under your control and cannot be changed even after your  using all efforts to change them. Tolerate what is happening and what is going to happen, realizing it God's will because God knows it better what is good to you. And try to understand the secret and internal meaning of the following prayer written by Dr. Reinhold Neibuhr and think over it again and again - 
God grant me the serenity,
To accept the things I cannot change, 
The courage to change the things I can , 
And the wisdom to know the difference.
So accept the unavoidable things for a happy life.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

7.1.6 Yaksha Prashna ( A Story From Mahabharat)

7.1.6 Yaksh Prashna

The twelve years of exile were drawing to a close. One hot day the five brothers ( Yudhishthira, Arjun, Bhim, Nakul and Sahadev ) sat down to rest. They felt thirsty. Yudhishthira sent all the four brothers one by one to fetch some drinking water from the nearby pool. But none of them returned. Then Yudhishthira himself went to the pool. There he saw his brothers lying dead. He, then, went into the pool to drink water. At once he heard a voice. The voice warned him, "Your brothers died because they did not pay heed to my word. Do not follow them. Do not  drink water without answering my questions. This pool is mine." Yudhishthira knew that those could be none other than the words of a Yaksh. He understood the situation and  told the body less voice to ask him his questions. Then the following questions were asked to Yudhishthira. The voice put the questions one after another and Yudhishthira gave their answers as follows :-  

1. "What rescues a man in all danger ?"

 "Courage rescues a man in danger." 

2." By the study of which science does man become wise ? "  

 "Not by studying any science does man become wise. It is by association with the great in wisdom that he gets wisdom."  

3."What sustains more nobly than earth ? "  

"The mother who brings up the children." 

4. "What is higher than the sky ?"  

 "The father."  

5 "What runs faster than wind ?" 

 6."Who is the companion of a traveller ?" 

" Learning." 

7. "Who is the friend of a person who stays at home ?"  

"His wife. "   
8."Who accompanies a person after death ?"  

 "Dharma, that alone accompanies the soul in its solitary journey after the person's death." 

9. "What is happiness ?"  

"Happiness is the result of good conduct."  

10."What is that ,abandoning that man will be loved by all ?" 

"Pride , for abandoning that, man will be loved by all." 

11."What is the loss which yields joy and not sorrow ?"  

"Anger, giving it up, no one will be subject to sorrow."  

12."What is that by giving up which man becomes rich ?"  

"By giving up desire , man becomes rich."  

13. "What makes one a real Brahman ?" Is it birth , good conduct or learning ?"  

"Birth and learning do not make one Brahman. Good conduct alone does."  
14. "What is the greatest wonder in the world ?"  

"Every day man sees creatures dying and  yet those who remain, want to live forever. This verily is the greatest wonder. "  
Thus the Yaksh asked many questions and Yudhishthira answered them. Yaksh was pleased with the answers of Yudhishthira and granted that all brothers would come to life. In fact he ( Yaksh ) was Yama,  the Lord of death who has taken the form of Yaksh to test his son. He embraced Yudhishthira and blessed him.      

(10.3.4) Mangala Gauri Vrat ( For Prosperity & Longevity of Husband )

 Mangala Gauri Vrat - A Vrat for long life of husband and for successful and prosperous married life 

When is Mangala Gauri Vrat observed -
Mangala Gauri vart is observed by married women on every Tuesday in the month of Sharavan.
Important things about Mangala Gauri Vrat -
1. Mangala Gauri vrat is dedicated to goddess Parvati/ Gauri.
2. This vrat is observed by the married women for five years just after their marriage.
3. This vrat is observed for well being and long life of one's husband and for successful, prosperous and happy married life.
4. This vrat is observed by the married women on every Tuesday in the month of Shravan for five years. Thus they observe twenty vrats in the five years duration. After five years they perform Udhyapan of this vrat.
Legend related to Mangala Gauri vrat - Once a merchant named Dharmpal lived in a city of Kundin nagar. He was rich but he had no son. By the grace of goddess Gauri he got a son but the son was short lived. Fortunately he was married with a girl whose mother had observed Mangala Gauri vrat. Due to her observing this vrat, her daughter was blessed with a long lived husband. So Dharmpal lived a long life and enjoyed happy married life.
" May goddess Parvati bless you with prosperous and happy married life. "
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