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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

(10.3.13) Vaman Jayanti / Vaman Dwadashi 2016

Vaman Jayanti / Vaman Dwadashi  2016 

When is Vaman Jayanti 
In the year 2016, Vaman Jayanti is on Tuesday, 13 September, 2016.
Bhdrapad Shukla Dwadashi is known as Vaman Jayanti  or Vaman Dwadashi.

Vaman Jayanti  / Vaman Dwadashi Vrat :- 
Vaman is the son of sage Kashyap Muni and Aditi. He is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.The person who keeps fast on this day ,should worship Lord Vaman with proper ritual. He should donate rice and curd etc. In the evening the Vrati ( the person who observes fast) should listen to the Vaman Katha with full devotion and distribute Prasad . By observing the Vaman Dwadashi Vrat and worship , the person's wishes are fulfilled by the grace of Lord Vaman.
The story of Vaman and king Bali :-
Bali was a powerful demon king. He had captured all the three worlds. Indra, the king of heaven and other gods had to leave heaven and wander here and there. King Bali wanted to perform one hundred Ashavmegh Yagya. He had already performed 99 Yagyas and it was his one hundredth Yagya. If he had completed this Yagya, he would have got the Pad (post) of Indra. So at the request of gods  , Lord Vishnu took the incarnation of Vaman (vaman roop , a form of a dwarf ) to help gods. Vaman Dev went to the place where Bali was performing Yagya. Bali welcomed Vaman Dev, washed His feet, worshiped Him and requested Him  to express His desire of getting the things  from him whatever He liked as charity. Vaman cleverly asked for three steps of land, measured by His small feet.When Bali agreed to giveVaman Dev three steps of land, Lord Vaman measured the whole earth and heaven in two steps. Then Vaman asked him where to keep His third step. At this Bali requested Him to keep His third  step on his head. Vamandev then placed His third step on his head and drove him down to Patal Lok.
Vamandev was pleased with Bali for his generous nature and granted him the kingdom of Patal Lok.

Monday, August 26, 2013

(10.3.12) Bachh Baras / Gau Vats Dwadahsi 2016

Bachh  Baaras ( Gau Vats Dwadashi ) 2016 / Vats Dwadashi

When is Vats Dwadasi or Bachh Baras in 2016

In the year 2016 Bachh Baras or Gau Vats Dwadashi is on Monday , 29.08.2016.
Bhadrapad Krishna Dwadashi is known as Bachh Baras or Vats Dwadashi or Gau Vats Dwadashi.
Why and How it is observed :-
A cow is considered as a holy animal in Indian culture. A cow and a calf are associated with Lord Krishna. So the Hindus worship the cow on such occasions like that of Bach Baras etc.They believe that a cow , being a holy animal, gives them her blessings.
The fast of Bachh Baras is observed by women for getting a good son and for the good and benevolence of their sons. On this day the women get up early in the morning , have a bath and  worship the cow and its calf. First of all put put the pieces of new clothes on them ( on the cow and the calf) then they apply Tilak on the foreheads of them and make them wear garlands made of flowers.They feed them with the sprouted Gram , Peas, Moong etc.  Then they pray the cow to bless them with healthy sons and bless their children with long life , good health and good luck.
The women who observe fast on this day  do not eat the things made of wheat,  and the milk of cow . They eat sprouted  gram,peas and chapatis made from maize etc. They also tell and listen to the tales related to Bachh Baras. They also avoid using the vegetables and fruits chopped with a knife.
Importance of this fast :-
Like every other fast, this fast of Bachh Baras has also some importance attached to it. The women observe this fast for the longevity, prosperity and good health of their children. It denotes mothers' affection for their children as they pray for their safety and long life.
Bachh Baras Image

for more images click here.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

(10.3.11) Hartalika Teej / Haritalika Teej / Haritalika Tritiya 2016

Hartalika / Haritalika Teej 2016 (Vrat)

When is Haritalika Teej  in 2016-
 In the year 2016 Haritalika Teej is on Sunday, 04 September, 2016.
Important things about Haritalika Teej -
1. Bhadrapad Shukla Tritiya is known as Haritalika Teej.
2. Haritalika Vrat is observed both by the married and the unmarried women. The married women observe this vrat for good health and long life of their husbands and for happy married life. The unmarried girls observe this vrat to get a good husband of their choice.
3. Haritalika Vrat is dedicated to goddess Parvati. So it is observed in the honor of goddess Parvati.
4. The women make idols of goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva of clay or sand and worship them on this day.
5. The women observe the vrat on  Haritalika Teej with a belief that the women who observe this vrat enjoy worldly happiness in this birth and go to Lord Shiva's abode after death.
6. On the same day ( on Haritalika Teej ) ' Harikali ', 'Hastgauri', and 'Kotishwari 'Vrat are also observed. In all these vrats goddess Parvati is mainly worshiped.
7. Haritalika is made up of two Hindi words which mean abduction by a female friend.
Story related to Haritalika Teej -
Goddess Parvati wanted to marry Lord Shiva but her father wanted to marry off her with Lord Vishnu. Knowing it Parvati felt grieved and requested her friend to help her. Her friend took Parvati to a thick forest so that her father could not marry off her against her wishes. In the forest Parvati underwent a strict penance. Due to this strict penance Lord Shiva had to accept her ( Parvati ) as His wife.                      
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Friday, August 9, 2013

(10.3.9) Kajali Teej / Badi Teej / Satudi Teej 2016

Kajli Teej / Badi Teej / Satudi Teej  Vrat 2016

When is Kajli Teej / Satudi Teej / Badi Teej
In the year 2016 Kajali Teej / Badi Teej is on Sunday , 21.08.2016. 
Important things about  Satudi Teej / Kajali Teej / Badi Teej
> Bhadrapad Krishna Tritiya  (Teej) is known as Kajali Teej / Badi Teej / Satudi Teej .
> On this day women keep fast . They wear beautiful clothes and ornaments .
> In the evening they gather in groups and do the worship of Nimadi mata or Teej mata .
> They tell and listen to the stories related to this Vrat and festival . They also sing  songs .
> When the Moon rises , the women give Arghya to it ( moon.). At the time of giving Arghya , they chant the following words  -  
Sona ko sankalo , gol motiyan ko haar , chandramaa na Arghya deu , jiyo veer bhartar . 
After it they eat food and break their fast .
Puja Material - The following things are required for the Puja -
A Laddu made of Sattu , A twig of Neem tree, Deepak (earthen lamp), one banana, one guava (a kind of fruit) , one cucumber,some water mixes with milk, Kachha Doodh  (without boiling milk), a string of pearls,  one Thali , one Kalash (a small pot made of clay.)

(10.1.6) Basant Panchami / Saraswati Puja/ Sarasvati Jayanti 2017

Basant Panchami 2017

When is Vasnat Panchami -
In the year 2017 Vasant Panchami is on Wednesday, 01 February, 2017.
Important things about Vasant Panchami -
1. Maagh shukla panchami is known as the Vasant Panchami.
2. Vasant Panchami is also known as Sarswati jayanti or Sarswati Pachami or Shree panchami.
3. This day is the beginning of spring season.
4. This day is also believed to be the birthday of Devi Sarswati who is known as the goddess of learning, wisdom, music, art and education.
5. Vasnat Panchami is dedicated to goddess Sarswati. So people worship her on this day.
6.  Saraswati related Mantra  jap should be started on this day.
7. Besides Devi Sarswati, Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna, Kamdev ( the god of love ) and his wife Rati are also worshiped on this day.
8. In some parts of North India, Phagostava also starts on this day.
9. Yellow colored clothes, sweets, fruits are preferred on this day.
10. Basnat Panchami is considered to be the Aboojh Muhurat for some religious activities,  particularly for marriage. So if no proper muhurat is available,Vasnat Panchami is considered as the auspicious muhurat for the marriage.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

(10.3.10) Jal Jhulani Ekadashi / Padma Ekadashi / Parivartini Ekadash -2016

Jal Jhulani Ekadashi 2016

When is Jal Jhulani Ekadashi / Padma Ekadashi / Jaljhulni Gyaras
In the year 2016 Jal Jhulani Ekadashi or Padma Ekadashi is on  Tuesday,13.09.2016.  
( click here (10.5.16) to know the date of falling Jaljhulani Ekadashi and other Ekadashis.)
Bhadrapad shukla Ekadashi is known as Jal Jhulani Ekadashi or Padma Ekadashi . In some temples of Rajasthan special Pooja is done and the idols of gods are taken out in a procession to the near by pool or a lake and bathed .It is believed that mother Yashoda washed the clothes of Lord Krishna on this day .So people celebrate it in the memory of this event .
Jaljhulani Ekadashi Vrat Vidhi :-
(1) The person who wants to observe Indira Ekadashi fast should get up early in the morning on Dashami Tithi, a day before Ekadashi. He should take a bath and perform his daily routine. He should have a single meal on Dashami Tithi.
(2)The person who observes fast this day should  get up early in the morning , take a bath and worship the image of  Vaman , the incarnation of Lord Vishnu On Ekadashi, no meal is taken. (But if the health does not permit, one should take some fruits and milk.) In the night the Vrati should hear the religious discourses or read religious books.
(3 On Dwadashi Tithi, the Vrati should break the Vrat after feeding the Brahmins and giving them some Dan.
Importance of Jaljhulani Ekadashi Vrat:- 
Observing the fast on Jaljhulani Ekadashi washes away the sins of the Vrati. He comes out of the troubles as a result of this Vrat..It is said that the person who keeps fast on this day is blessed with happiness and good fortune . 
'' wishes you and your family a very happy Padma Ekadashi.
"May this Padma Ekadashi fulfill your wishes and bring you joy, peace and prosperity!"
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Sunday, August 4, 2013

12.3.2 Chanakya's Formula for Sure Success

Learn Twenty Things for Success

Acharya Chankya was a great teacher,  great politician,  great thinker, and much more. Here under are given his twenty wise things. One can get success by following them sincerely -
Sinhaadekam, bakaadekm, shikshecchchtwari kukkutaat. 
Vaaysaatpanch shikshechch shat shunastreeni gardbhaat.  (Chanakya Neeti 6/14)
For Sure Success learn one thing from a lion, one thing from a heron (crane) , four things from a cock, five things from a crow, six things from a dog and three things from an ass.

1. Whether the task is small or big, the person should do it wholeheartedly and with full strength and should not relax until it ( the task ) is completed. This quality can be learnt from a lion.

2.The wise man must have control over his senses and accomplish his task keeping in mind the knowledge of the place, time and his ability. One can learn it from a heron or a crane ( a long necked and long beaked bird.) 

3. Getting up early in the morning, keeping oneself ready for a fight, making a fair division of property among one's relatives and getting the food attacking others. One can learn these things from a cock. 

4. Union in privacy with one's wife, boldness, collecting things for the use in future, alertness and not to trust others fully, can be learnt from a crow. 

5. A dog can over eat when he gets  much to  eat but at the same time he remains contented if he gets too little or no food to eat. He has a sound sleep but wakes up even at the slightest sound (of foot steps etc.) He is loyal to his master and is ready to fight if situation demands. One can learn these six things from a dog. 

6. An ass can go on carrying the load or burden even if he is tired. He does not bother whether it is hot or cold. He is always contented. Thus performing one's duty properly , over looking the whether condition and contentment can be learnt from an ass. 
Chanakya says that the person who learns and practices these twenty things (virtues), he is sure to get success in this life and becomes triumphant.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

5.3.18 Vishti Karan / Bhadra / Bhadra Period

 Bhadra / Vikhti Karan / Vishti

What is Bhadra -  
The Karan Vishti is known as 'Bhadra' which is considered as inauspicious. So auspicious work is not done during the period of Bhadra. 
Panchang  is an Indian calendar which has five parts. Karan is also one of them. There are eleven Karans in number. They are Bava, Balav, Kaulav, Taitil, Gar, Vanij, Vishti, Sakuni, Chatushpada, Nag, Kistughna. First seven of them are fixed Karans and the remaining four are movable Karans.
Residence of Bhadra :- The residence of Bhadra depends on the sign ( Rashi) in which the Moon is.
1. When the Moon is in Aquarius,Pisces,cancer or Leo,Bhadra resides  in Mratyulok (on earth.)
2.When the Moon is in Aries,Taurus, Gemini or Scorpio, Bhadra resides  in Swarglok (in heaven)
3. When the Moon is in Virgo,Libra,Sagittarius or Capricorn, Bhadra resides in Patal lok (under world.)
The effect of the residence of Bhadra -
Bhadra has its effect where it resides.
The Bhadra residing in Mrityulok must be avoided for any auspicious. Although Bhadra residing in Swarglok and in Paataal lok can be taken for doing auspicious task yet it is better to avoid Bhadra period for any auspicious work.
Raksha Bandhan, Holika Dahan and Bhadra :-
" भद्रायां द्वे न कर्त्तव्ये श्रावणी फाल्गुनी तथा। "
"Bhadraayaam Dve Na Kartvye Shraavanee - Faalgunee Tathaa."
During the Bhadra period Rakhi must not be tied and Holika dahan must not be done.If it is done, it may bring  bad luck.
What can be done during Bhadra -
The following activities can be done during Bhadra period -
Fighting , use of poison , fire , capturing some one, using and making weapons, going for a war, filing court cases, work or activities related to animals i. e. horse, buffalo, camel , donkey etc.

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