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Saturday, November 9, 2013

(5.3.20) Prohibited Period / Inauspicious Period for marriage Muhurat

Prohibited Period for marriage Muhurat / Other Muhurats

Marriage is one of the sixteen Sanskars of the Hindus. According to the books on Muhurat the marriage should not be performed during the prohibited or inauspicious period.
( Note - The following is the short description of the prohibited period. If you want to know the detail description of this period , you are to click the name of the period. )
(5.3.13) Meen Sankranti - Meen Mal Maas period.
(5.3.15) Combustion of Guru ( Jupiter ).
(5.3.27) Combustion of Shukra ( Venus )
(4) Hari Shayan period.
(13.1.15)Shraadh Paksh.
(5.3.13) Dhanu Sankranti ( Dhanu Mal Maas )
(5.3.12) Holashtak
(5.3.16) Thirteen days Paksh ( Pakhawara ) 
(5.3.26) Singhast Guru (Guru in the singh Raashi)
(6.2.1 ) Adhik Maas

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