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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

(8.3.5) Tulsi Vivah ( Marriage of Tulsi plant ) 2016

Tulsi vivah / What is Tulsi Vivah ?/When is Tulsi Vivah performrd ? How is Tulsi Vivah performed ? What is the religious importance of Tulsi Vivah ? 

When is Tulsi Vivah in 2016
In the year 2016 Tulsi vivah is Friday, 11.11.2016.
What is Tulsi Vivah 
The plant of Tulsi is considered to be the sacred plant by the Hindus. It is also known as the Vishnu Priya. According to the Hindu scriptures, Tulsi Vivah is considered as a religious ceremony. This vivah is a symbolic marriage of the plant Tulsi with Lord Vishnu.
When is Tulsi vivah solemnized -
In the Padma Puran it is mentioned that Tulsi vivah is performed on Kartik shukla Navami Tithi. But according to some other scriptures, Tulsi vivah is performed on any day from Dev Prabodhini Ekadashi  to  Kartik Shukl Purnima 
How is Tulsi vivah Solemnized -
The plant Tulsi, which is to be marred off is watered for three months before the fixed day of marriage. Everyday this plant is worshiped and Gheedeepak is lighted in the evening near it. On the appointed day, almost all the religious rituals of a Hindu marriage are observed. A Mandap is built and the Tulsi plant and the idol of Lord Vishnu or the Shaligram stone, which is the symbol of Lord Vishnu, are put in the Mandap. They are clothed with bridal dresses. The Pandit ( a brahman ) chants the holy mantras. Havan is also done and the Phere also take place. Thus all the formalities of an ordinary Hindu marriage are observed. A wedding feast is also given.
Religious importance of Tulsi vivah -
According to the Hindu religion, the Kanyadan ( marrying off the daughter ) is considered to be a great Dan or donation or charity, so is the case with the performing of Tulsi vivah. Thus Tulsi vivah is considered as a religious ceremony. As Tulsi plant is very dear to Vishnu so people perform the marriage of Tulsi with Vishnu.
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