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Thursday, February 6, 2014

(5.3.24) Ravi Pushyamrit Yog 2016-2017 / When is Ravi Pushyaarit Yog in 2016-2017

 Ravipushyamrit Yog in 2016 - 2017, Significance of Pushya Nakshatra , When does Ravi Pushy Amrit Yog form, what can be done during Ravi Pushya Amrit Yog , limitation of Ravi Pushya Amrit Yog

When is Ravi Pushyamrit Yog in 2016 - 2017 ?
In the year 2016 Ravi Pushyamrit Yog is -
> 24.01.2016 from sunrise to 20.43
> 25.09.2016 from 14:36 till Sunrise next day i.e. on 26.09.2016
> 23.10.2016 from Sunrise to 20:37 hours
Significance of Pushya Nakshtra -
According to Hindu astrology, there are twenty seven Nakshatras (Constellations). Pushya Nakshatra is one of them. It is considered as a powerful and auspicious Nakshatra. About this Nakshatra it is found in the scriptures that just like among all the animals, the lion is the most powerful animal, in the same way, Pushya Nakshtra is the most powerful Nakshatra among all the Nakshatras.
When does Ravi Pushyamrit Yog form- ?
When Pushya Nakshatra falls on Sunday, this combination of Pushya Nakshatra and Sunday is called Ravi Pushyamarit Yog. This yog is considered as auspicious as well as powerful. 
What can be done during this Yog ?
In this Ravi Pushyamrit Yog People can- 
* Buy new things, jewellery, ornaments, gold etc.
* Start new work.
* Worship goddess Lakshmi and get her blessings.
* Prepare Ayurvedic Medicines.
* Do spiritual practices.
The new work started in this Yog is fulfilled with positive results.
Limitations of Pushya Nakshtra -
Note- Although Pushya Nakshtra is considered as powerful, auspicious and promising yet it is avoided for the muhurat for marriage due  to the curse of Lord Brahma.
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