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Monday, July 7, 2014

(10.2.3) Teja Dashmi 2016 / Teja Fair 2016

Teja fair 2016/ Teja Dashmi 2016 

When is Teja Dashmi / Teja Fair in 2016
In he year 2015 Teja Dashmi or Teja Fair is on monday, 12.09.2016. 
Imporant things About Tejaji - 
> Bhadrapad Shukla Dashmi is known as Teja Dashmi.
> Tejaji is worshipped as a folk deity in Rajasthan.
> Tejaji was born on Magh Shukla Chaturdashi of the Vikram Samwat 1130.
> The name of his father was Taharhji.
> His mother was Ramkunwari.
> His wife was Pemal.
> Tejaji was a man of courage. The cows of Lachha Gujari were taken away by the Mers.Tejaji fought bravely against the Mers and liberated the cows.
> Tejaji died of snake bite at Sursura near Kishangarh (Aimer).
> In the memory of Tejaji a fair is held at Parbatsar (Nagaur) Bhadrapad Shukla Dashmi.
> Tejaji is worshiped as  the god of snakes.
> It is believed that Tejaji protects the people against snakes.

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