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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

(14.6.2) Shiva Panchkashar Stotra For getting Shiva's blessings &Peace

'Shiva Panchakshar Stotra  For getting Shiva's blessings,happiness and peace of Mind

Benefits of reciting Shiva Panchakshar Stotra -
1. 'Shiva Panchakshar Stotra' is a hymn in praise of Lord Shiva. This stotra has five letters. The five letters are - ' Na, Mah, Shi, Vaa and Ya '. This stotra was composed by Shri Shankaraachaary.
2. Reciting of this Panchakshar Stotra gives mental peace to the person and fills his mind and body with positive energy.
3. The person who recites this stotra with devotion and faith, attains the Shiva Lok and feels delighted with Lord Shiva.
The stotra is as follows - 
1.  Naagendrahaaraay Trilochanaay,
Bhasmaangaraay Maheshwaraay.
Nityaay Shuddhyaay digambaraay,
Tasmai 'Na' Kaaraay Namah Shivaay.
Meaning - Lord Maheshwar, who is eternal, who has a garland of snakes around his neck, who has three eyes, whose body is covered with ashes, who is Digambar, who is pure and eternal. Salutations to that Shiva, who is similar to and analogized with the letter ' Na '.
2. Mandaakinee salil chandan charchitaay.
Nandeeshwar pramathanaath Maheshwaraay.
Mandaar Pushpa bahu Pushpa supoojitaay,
Tasmai ' Ma ' Kaaraay Namah Shivaay.
Meaning - Lord Maheshwar, who is worshiped with the holy water of the river Mandaakinee and Sandal, who is the Lord of Nandi and the Lord of Pramath Ganas (प्रमथ गण ), who is worshiped with Mandaar flowers and with many kinds of flowers. Salutations to that Shiva who is anologized with the letter - ' Ma '.
3. Shivaaya Gaureevadanaabjavrinda,
Suryaay dakhaadhvaranaashakaaya.
Shree Neel Kanthaay Vrishadhwajaay,
Tasmai ' Shi ' Kaaray Namah Shivaay.
Meaning -Lord Maheshwar, who is benefector, who is like the sun that makes the lotus like face of Gauri ( Parvati ) bloom, who is the destroyer of he yagya ( sacrifice ) of Daksh, who has blue throat ( Neel Kanth ) whose flag has a bull as the emblem on it. Salutations to that Shiva who is similar to and anologized with the letter ' shi '.
4. Vashishtha Kumbahobhdavagautamaarya
Muneendra devaarchit shekharaay.
Chandraarka Vaisvaa narlochanaay,
Tasmai ' Va ' Karaay Namah Shivay.
Meaning - Lord Maheshwar who is worshiped by the sages like Vashishtha, Agastya, Gautam and Indra and other gods. The sun, the moon and the fire are His three eyes. Salutation to that Shiva who is similar to and analogized with the letter ' Va '.
5. Yaksha swaroopaay, Jataa dharaay,
Pinaak hastaay sanaatanaay.
Divyaay devaay digambaraay,
Tasmai ' Ya ' karaay Namah Shivaay.
Meaning - Lord Maheshwar who has adopted the form of a Yaksha, who is Jataadhaaree ( has long and matted hair on his head ), who is holding a Pinaak ( a trident ) in His hand, who is eternal, who is divine primeval Lord, who is Digambar ( who has the entire sky as His garments). Salutation to that Shiva, who is similar to and analogized with the letter ' Ya '.
6. Panchaaksharmidam Punyam yah pathechchhavasannidhou.
Shivalokamavaapnoti Shiven sah Modate.
Meaning - The person who recites this five lettered holy Stotra i.e. Namah Shivaay, near Shiv ling, attains the abode of Lord Shiva and rejoices there with Him ( Lord Shiva ).
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