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Sunday, January 4, 2015

(10.5.4) Satyanarayan Vrat dates 2016-2017

Shri Satyanarayan Vrat Dates in 2016-2017

According to the Hindus scriptures Shri Satyanarayan Vrat is considered as fruitful. This Vrat is observed to get the blssings of Lord Vishnu,. The persons, who observe this Vrat, their worldly desires are fulfilled by the grace of Lord Vishnu. This Vrat is observed every month and Katha related to this Vrat is heard and told .   Here under are given the day and dates of falling Purnima in 2016-2017 -
Satyanarayan  Vrat dates in 2016
23.01.2016, Saturday - Hindu month Paush
22.02.2016, Monday - Hindu month Magh
22.03.2016, Tuesday - Hindu month Phalgun
21.04.2016, Thursday - Hindu month Chaitra
21.05.2016, Saturday - Hindu month Vaisakh
19.06.2016, Sunday - Hindu month Jyesht
19.07.2016, Tuesday - Hindu month Aashadh
17.08.2016, Wednesday - Hindu month Shravan
16.09.2016, Friday - Hindu month Bhadrapad
15.10.2016, Saturday - Hindu month Aashvin
14.11.2016, Monday - Hindu month Kartik
13.12.2016, Tuesday - Hindu month Margshirsh
Satyanarayan  Vrat dates in 2017
11.01.2017, Wednesday - Hindu month Paush
10.02.2017, Friday - Hindu month Magh
12.03.2017, Sunday - Hindu month Phalgun
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