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Friday, February 20, 2015

(14.9.1) Ramraksha Stotra / Benefits of Ramraksha Stotra

Shree Ramraksha stotra and the Benefits of reciting Shree Ram Raksha Stotra / Important things about Ramraksha Stotra / For what problems one should recite Ramraksha Stotra 

Important things about Ram Raksha Stotra 
> Ramraksha stotra is a hymn in the praise of Lord Ram.
> It was composed by the Rishi Budha Kaushik. It is originally composed in Sanskrit.
> Sita and Ram are the deities of this stotra.
> Its Chhand (meter) is Anushtupa.
> This Stotra has 38 Shlokas or verses.
Benefits of chanting or reciting Ram Raksha Stotra 
The first shloka which is given below shows the greatness and usefulness of this stotra -
Charitam Raghunaathasya Shatkotipravistaram.
Ekaikamksharam punsaam mahaapaatak naashanam.
Meaning - The description of Shri Ram's life story and character has a vast expansion. Each and every letter of its has the capability of destroying even the sins of persons.
> Ramraksha stotra is a prayer through which the devotees request Lord Ram to give them protection, remove their troubles and bless them with prosperity.
> Ramraksha stotra is prayer as well as a Mantra which gives divine protection, mental and spiritual and material prosperity, happiness, and mental peace  to the person who recites this stotra daily with full devotion and faith in Lord Ram.
> Ramraksha stotra can also be used as a remedial measure to remove problems of one's life and to get happiness and spiritual as well as material prosperity.
If the person has the following problems, he/she should start reciting the Ramraksha stota daily for eleven times till the problem ends -
if he/she is jobless.
if he/she has disputes with others.
if he/she or his/her relative is suffering from any serious disease.
if he/she has any court cases.
if he/she has any problem related to his/her personal life or work or family or finance.
if he/she has mental tension due to some reason or the other.
By the blessings and grace of Lord Ram the above mentioned problems are removed and the divine light shows the person the right path to follow.
> In the last Shloka Lord Shiva Says to Devi Parvati -
"Raam Raameti Rame Raame Manorame. 
Sahastranaam tattulyam Raam Naam Varaanane."
Meaning :- Lord Shiva says to Parvati, "O,Varanane(O dear, with beautiful face) I chant the holy name of Ram, Ram, Ram constantly which is enjoyable and pleasing to the mind. The holy name of  Ram is equal to one thousand holy names (of Lord Vishnu).
This Shlok clearly shows that  the chanting the name of Ram can give all the benefits which can be had by chanting  Vishnu Sahastra Naam, the one thousand names of Lord Vishnu.
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