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Friday, April 17, 2015

(6.2.27) Yoni Koot ( Kundali Milan )

What is Yoni Koot -
The 27 Nakshtras are divided into 14 yonis to know the characteristics, nature, temperament and behavior of the two individuals i.e. of the Var and the Vadhu.
Points assigned - 
Four points are assigned to yoni koot.
The base of the Yoni Koot - The Janma Nakshtras or the birth constellations of both the boy and the girl are the base for calculation of Yoni Koot.
Yoni Koot calculation - 
For the calculation of Yoni Koot each of the 27 Nakshtras are placed under one yoni or the other and each Nakshtra is given the natural characteristic of an animal. The names of the Yonis are - Horse, elephant, ram, snake ( cobra ), dog, cat, rat, cow, buffalo, leopard, deer, monkey, mongoose and lion.
These animals are eigher natural friends, or enemies or neutral to each other. According to this category, the points are assigned.
The result or effect of Yoni Koot or Dosh.
1. Yoni Koot indicates the balance of the reasoning power, satisfaction and mentality of the boy and the girl.
Parihar or exception to Yoni Koot / Dosh - 
1.Lords of the moon signs of both the boy and the girl should be one and the same or they should be friends or there should be the friendship between the lords of the Navansh of the boy and girl.
2. Vashya Shuddhi should be there.
3. Bhakoot dosh should not be present. 

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