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Thursday, April 21, 2016

(13.2.15) Viewing (having darshan ) these things is auspicious

The auspicious things which fulfill desires /नकुल सुदरसन दरसनी छेमकरी चक्र चाष 

To see the following things is considered auspicious -
Nakul sudarsan darasanee chhemkaree chakra chaash.
Das disi dekhat sagun subh poojahin man abhilaash .
नकुल सुदरसन दरसनी छेमकरी चक्र चाष।
दस दिसि देखत सगुन सुभ पूजहिं मन अभिलाष।
Meaning - To have the darashan in all the ten direction of the following is considered as an auspicious omen (shubh Shakun) and it fulfills the desires of the person who sees them.
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