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Sunday, September 30, 2012


How is spirituality defined? What is spirituality?   

Spirituality is virtuous development of the self and altruistic use of one's own qualities, potentials and resources for the welfare of the world. 
Spirituality gives emphasis on the positive qualities of human being such as affection, kindness, patience, tolerance contentment, creativity, harmony, forgiveness and showing respect for the feeling of others. A Spiritual person spreads the message of affection, concern for others and need for positive living all over the world.
Spirituality does not mean being engaged all the time in God's worship, Yog  meditation ad Sadhana for salvation of one's own self.   
Sometimes religion and spirituality are overlapped. But it is not so. A religious person is bound to the practices and traditions that are related to a particular religion. A spiritual person is not bound to any particular religious practices and traditions. A religious person thinks only of his own religion whereas a spiritual person thinks of the whole. 
Thus spiritualism can be a remedy for the narrow minded thinking of the people which causes disharmony and hatred among people. In the present context spiritualism and the spiritual principles are the need of the hour. If these principles are sincerely practiced,only then we can hope for peace in this world.
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