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Sunday, October 7, 2012

8-2-4 Remedy Shiva Puja Mantra (for getting rid of diseases / problems

8-2-4Remedy Shiva Puja Mantra -
 For Good Health / For Getting rid of Disease and Other Problems /For  Overcoming and Eliminating Negative Feelings

When you are suffering from some  disease, ailment whether it is mental or physical, try the following Upay:-
Buy 250 grams of black Til (sesame) from the market and put them in a small box. Everyday in the morning after having a bath take 125 ( approximately, you need not count them ) in a small bowl and take a Lotha full of clean water and go to the temple of Lord Shiva. First of all pour water on the idol of god Ganesh, then on the idol of goddess Parvati,; then on the idol of Kartikey, then on Nandi's idol, then pour water on Shiva Linga. After it take one piece of black sesame from the bowl and chanting the Mantra 'Aum jum sah' ॐ जूं सः' one time and put one piece of black til (sesame) on the idol of god Ganesa ,again take one piece of sesame , chant the Mantra Aum Jum Sah and put the sesame on the idol of goddess Pavati . In the same way put one Til on Kartikaye and Nandi as well. Then put  the remaining pieces of sesame ,  one by one on Shiva Ling chanting the same Mantra Aum Jum Sah .
After doing it sit quietly and pray to Lord Shiva to make you free from the disease you are suffering from and bless you with good health. Also pray to him to help you over come the negative traits and feelings.
After the prayer have a feeling and belief that Lord Shiva has accepted your prayer. He is pouring his blessings upon you. He is solving your problems. Day by day you are getting healthy by the grace of Lord Shiva. He is removing your worries  and helping you enjoy good health.
Then fold your hands, pay respects to Lord Shiva and leave the place quietly.
In the evening go to the same temple and light Ghee Dipak and Agarbati . Then close your eyes, fold your hands and pray to Lord Shiva to show you the right path and free from disease and remove your worries and other problems. Then pay respects to Lord Shiva and leave the place.Do it without any break till all the 250 gram of sesame is finished.
Note - (1) If you yourself are not able to go to temple, your representative can go and do the above mentioned process for you.
(2) If you are ill ,you had better consult the doctor and take proper treatment besides doing the above mentioned Upay or Remedy.

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