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Sunday, October 14, 2012

7-3-3 How to Concentrate (Chitta Ki Ekagrata ke Upay)

What is concentration-
Concentration is an act of giving all attention to something that is read or done or listened to.
Concentration is giving all your attention to what you are doing or to what someone is saying.
The importance of Concentration ( Why is concentration necessary ) -
For the success in every action, concentration of mind is the first and the foremost necessity. But in everyday life we experience that our mind can not remain stable for a long time. As a result of it, we can not pay proper or desired attention to the particular thing or an action. As we know, we can see our clear image in the water only when it is still and stable. In the same way if our mind is unstable, we can not concentrate on the particular thing or the activity which we want to accomplish.
Measures for concentration of mind or how to concentrate or tips for concentration -
The following are the measures which can help one to concentrate one's mind -

1. In a separate room or at a peaceful place, lie quietly keeping your face upward, relax your body completely, close your eyes and try to fix your mind on a particular part of your body one by one i.e. on nose, on mouth, on forehead, on chest, on right eye, on left eye etc. ( one by one ) for at least one minute. While doing so you can recite Gayatri Mantra or any other Mantra of your choice. When the Mantra is over, fix your mind  on the next part of your body and repeat the same mantra. Do this practice for five to ten minutes daily.
2. With full attention, look at any holy symbol like ' Om' , ' Swastik ' or any other symbol of your choice keeping proper distance from your eyes for three to five minutes.
3. Do a one thing at a time and start the next thing only the first thing is completed to your satisfaction.
4. Purification of mind is also necessary for concentration power of mind. For it - ( A ) Feel glad when you see someone making progress in his/her life. 
(B) Always try to be happy and practice the proverb ' happiness shared is happiness doubled.'
(C) Do not have malice or ill will for others.
(D) Do not have a desire or feeling to insult others.

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