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Sunday, October 7, 2012

8-2-8 Remedy - SHIV MANTRA (for getting ambitions fulfilled)



Everybody wants his ambitions to be fulfilled. But in some of the cases they remain unfulfilled because of one reason or the other. In some cases the person does not make sincere efforts. So he does not reach his goal. But in some cases in spite of one's sincere efforts, one fails to get the desired results of his work and one's ambition remain unfulfilled.
To avoid such situation Shiva Puja or Mantra can help a lot.
The Method or process of Shiva Puja / Mantra is as follows-
After your bath in the morning sit on a woolen piece of cloth facing east or north in a separate room or at any separate peaceful place. Keep the framed picture of Lord Shiva in front of you. Light Ghee Deepak and Agarbatti. Then close your eyes and meditate on Lord Shiva with the feeling that Lord Shiva is the source of universe. He is the Lord of all creatures. The three eyes of the Lord represent, the Sun, the Moon and Fire.He is the Lord of mercy and kindness. He is most kind hearted God who grants boon and bestows His grace on His devotees.
I pray to such Lord Shiva to fulfill my ambitions, give me success in every task that I undertake and to remove all the obstacles that come in my way to success.
After this prayer, Jap (chant or repeat) the following Shiva Mantra 324 times (three Malas), 540 times (five Malas) or more every day. The more you do the better it is. For getting desired results this Mantra should be recited 300000(Three lac) times.
The Mantra is as follows-
"Aum Namah Shivaaya Shubham Shubham
Kuru Kuru Shivaaya Namah Aum "
ॐ नमः शिवाय शुभं शुभं कुरु कुरु शिवाय नमः ॐ
When the Mantra Jap is over, do not leave the place immediately. After the Mantra Jap sit very quietly, Close your eyes and reflect upon the infinitive love of Lord Shiva. Have a feeling in your mind that Lord Shiva has accepted your prayer. He is pouring his blessings upon you. By the grace of Lord Shiva your ambitions are sure to fulfill..
After it fold your hands and pay your respects to Lord Shiva and leave the place of Puja and commence your routine duties.
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