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Sunday, October 14, 2012

7-3-6 Pine for what is not ( Aprapt Ki Chahat)

Pine for what is not/ Aprapt ki Chahat

A person is not happy or satisfied what things he has. He wishes to have much more things what he does not have. It is the common nature of almost all the persons. On account of this nature human race has made a great progress. But if the desire of getting more and more, becomes uncontrolled or limitless, it has adverse effect and causes unhappiness. This world is full of infinite number of beautiful things. One cannot get each and every thing. Due to the human nature a person thinks that happiness consists in the fulfillment of desires. But the desires are endless so happiness always remains an unrealized goal. It does not mean that one should not make an effort to get new things what one does not have, but it means that one must be satisfied with what one already has, and must not madly run after the things which one does not have.
We must admit the fact that life is a blend of pleasures and sorrows, tears and smiles. They are the inseparable parts of our life. We must not ignore this fact.
The real happiness is in the acquisition of some moral values. It lies in contentment. In other words we must be satisfied with what we have and we must not pine for what we do not have. Happiness lies in facing the reality of life, doing our duties honestly and leaving the results to God.
One thing more "our position (in all the fields) should be better than others,"this feeling or desire makes the situation worse because it causes distress and discomfort. Due to this desire we try to get more and more. In trying to get more, sometimes we have to use unfair means which lead to us in the wrong direction.
Besides it, how soever much we have, we will still find dearth of some thing or the other. So the best way to be happy is to do the best use of the things we already have, and be satisfied with them and we must not pine for what we do not have.

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