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Sunday, October 14, 2012

7-3-2 Bhoutik aur aadhyatmik Unnati

 Material and Spiritual Progress

Today man has made a great progress in every field. A revolutionary change has taken place in the field of medicine, health, agriculture, transportation, telecommunication etc. Due to this progress materialistic comforts have increased a lot.
In spite of being all these materialistic comforts and progress, people in general are living a life of restlessness and uneasiness. As a result of it, they are losing their mental peace.
This situation shows that material progress and prosperity alone cannot be the means of mental peace. Wealth is not everything . It is possible for a man to be unhappy although he has every thing. On the other hand the people who have very little can be happy. The people of the so called advanced countries find life more and more difficult. They are bored. They suffer from nervous breakdown, fear, aimlessness, unhappiness and  dissatisfaction. Money cannot give real happiness. People ,who are prosperous, fail to find happiness in the economic prosperity. Such type of people are in search of things or places which can give them real joy and peace.
But it does not mean that there must not be any materialistic progress. For fulfilling the requirements and necessities of life, material progress is essential. But at the same time spiritual progress is also necessary. Without spiritual control, the material progress may lead the people to the wrong direction and invite a lot of troubles. So the material progress and the spiritual progress must go side by side. Only then the people can be happy in a real sense. The balanced progress in both the fields i. e. in material and in spiritual fields, can establish inner as well as outer progress. Neglecting the spiritual progress certainly causes negativity in some cases.

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