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Sunday, October 14, 2012

7-3-7Eight Steps Towards Sprituality

This age of ours is the age of science and technology. A notable progress has been made in every field. People have all kinds of means to fulfill their desires and necessities. It has made the thinking of people materialistic. As a result of materialism, they (people) have become over ambitious. This over ambitiousness makes them restless and dissatisfied. In some cases it causes stress.
So one must follow the spiritual way to face  these problems and get refined solutions to them. For it the following steps are to be taken-
1. Come, let us feel the divine power within ourselves.
2. Come, let us move towards light, the light of true knowledge.
3. Come, let us help ourselves.
4. Come, let us go ahead from where we are standing.
5. Come let us have belief on ourselves.
6. Come, let us share our pleasures and pains with others.
7. Come, let us turn the obstacles into the stepping stones to success.
8. Come, let us live a real life of hope and happiness.

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