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Sunday, October 14, 2012

7-3-4 Practical Hints for Mantra Jap

PRACTICAL HINTS FOR MANTRA JAP (Mantra Jap Ke liye Saamaanya Baaten)
The following things should be kept in mind when the person begins the Jap of any Mantra for the expected and positive results -
1.Morning is considered to be the best time for Mantra jap.
2.Before starting the Jap or chanting of the Mantra, the devotee must have a bath. Due to some reasons or the other if he is unable to have a bath, he should at least wash his feet, hands, face and mouth.
3.The place of pooja or Mantra jap should be peaceful and free from any kind of disturbance.
4.Sit on a piece of woolen cloth  or the Aasan made of Kush.
5.Keep your face towards east or north.
6.The Mantra must be recited with  faith and dedication to the deity.
7. The idol or the photo of the deity should be kept in front of you.
8.Recite the Mantra with full devotion and faith to get positive result.
9.Try to root out all the negative thoughts  and concentrate only on the positive thoughts.
10. Jap the Mantra at least 108 times  or 324 times or 540 times or 756 times or 1080 times . The more times you do , the better it is. So fix the certain number of the  mantra jap and try to maintain the same number every day.
11.Think over the meaning of the Mantra when it is chanted.
12.Do not jap the Mantra in a hurry. Do the Mantra jap slowly with concentration of mind.
13.The rosary which you use, must have 108 beads.
14. Before starting the Jap, Close your eyes for a few minutes  and meditate on the deity to whom the Mantra is dedicated.
15.Every day when the Mantra jap is over, do not leave the place of pooja immediately. After the Mantra jap keep sitting quietly for some time, close your eyes and have the feeling  that the deity has accepted your prayer and your wishes will be fulfilled  by the grace of the deity. Then fold your hands and pay your respects to the deity and leave the place of pooja.
16.During the period of Mantra jap do not have ill will against any person. The Mantra must be recited for  rightful purpose and not for any harmful purpose. 

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