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Sunday, October 14, 2012

7-3-1 Prayer

What is a prayer -

A prayer is a call which comes out from our  soul. This call is not artificial . It has strong faith and devotion.  
1. A prayer is a set of words, formal or informal, which come out of heart to establish a pleasant form of rapport with God. We express these words to thank God for what He has done for our well being or to ask him to show us the right path to achieve goal.
2. A prayer is a spiritual procedure through which we can make contact with the great source of divine strength.
3. A prayer is a spiritual force like the force of gravity and attraction.
4. A prayer is the mental as well as verbal expression of the spiritual ideals.
5. Praying is an act of having communication with God.
6. If someone prays, he speaks to God that he believes in, in order to give thanks or to ask for his help.
7. If someone prays for something or prays that something might happen, he hopes for it or want it very strongly.
8. A prayer is all the words which someone says, when he is praying.
9. A prayer is a set of words which is said during a religious service.
10. A prayer is a hope which someone has for the future and which someone sometimes asks God to help him achieve.
11. A prayer is a request or a petition, spoken or unspoken, to God.
12. For a prayer we do not need to select any literary words. Only our heart must be pure. A few words of prayer which come out of our pure heart will certainly appeal to the Lord.
13. A prayer is a source of having direct contact wish divine power and though this contact we get positive energy to win the battle of life and to lead happy and worth living life.
14. A prayer is just like a tonic for our soul through which we get spiritual energy.

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