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Sunday, October 14, 2012

(4.2.1) PUSHKAR

HOLY Pushkar :-                                                               
 Pushkar is one of the main pilgrimage spots in India. It is a semi circular lake around which there are fifty two Ghats. The lake is a holy place and is known as the Tirthraaj( the king of the Teerthaas) . There are four importtant holy places of the Hindus in India i.e. Badrinaath, Jagannathpuri, Rameshwaram and Dwarkapuri but the bath at Pushkar is thought to be more important than at any other place. The holy dip in this lake on Kartik Poornima is thought to be salvation giving.

How "Pushkar" got its name:-             

All the important and sacred places have been named after some important persons or events. Pushkar was also named like that.
Once Brahma was worried over the matter of not having a place in his name on the earth as the other gods have. So He also had a desire to have a place in His name in the immortal world (on the earth). Having such desire in his mind and saying -"Mangal Ho!.....". He threw a lotus flower upon the earth. The flower fell at three places. Then Brahma said that these three places would be known as Pushkar. The place where the flower fell first is called Jyeshth Pushkar (senior Pushkar), the second place is called Madhya Pushkar(middle Pushkar) and the third place in called Kanishth Pushkar(junior Pushkar). Then he further added that these three Kunds (lakes) would be famous for removing the sins of the sinners.As Brahmaji threw the Pushp(flower) with his Kar(hand) so he gave the name of Pushkar to this place.

Religious Importance of Pushkar:-

Pushkar is one of the holiest places of the Hindus. Though bathing at all the Theerths (holy places) removes the sins of a sinner yet the Darshan only of Pushkar makes a sinner free from all the deadliest sins. To die at this place is salvation giving. The person suffering from thirst forgets to drink water as soon as he enters the lake of Pushkar.  The great sages of India realized the goal of life i.e. salvation here by meditating on God.
It is known as the dwelling place of all the gods. The man who bathes in the Shukla Paksh of Kartik month and has the Darshan of Brahma, will not take rebirth on this earth and enjoy the bliss of heaven. The people who have a holy dip at the lake on Kartik Poornima, gain the fruit equal to do the Jap and Tap for one hundred years.
Temples at Pushkar:- Pushkar is famous for its temples. There are more than four hundred temples in and around Pushkar. Some of them are very old and some are new. They  were built by kings, Rishis, wealthy persons at different times. The temples are of different gods and goddesses. Everyday hundreds of pilgrims come here and have Darshan of gods. Some temples are among the hills. Some important temples as follows:-

 1. The temple of Brahma

The fame of Pushkar is attached with Lord Brahma. Brahma threw a lotus flower to choose the place on the earth in His name. It is the only temple of Brahma in the India. When  and who constructed the old temple is not known. But the temple was repaired and rebuilt by some persons from time to time. It is in the west of the town. There is a statue of Gayatri near Brahma's statue. The present statue of Brahmaji is not original one. Emperor Auranjeb  during is rule destroyed the statue of Lord Brahma. A Brahmin woman named Phoondi bai the daughter of Girdhar Das and the mother of Shambhuram ji setup the statue of Lord Brahma. To this temple the present form was given by Gokulchand Pareek the minister of Dolatram Sindhiya in 1809 A.D.  Within the compound of it there are some temples also. They are the temples of Pataleshwar Mahadev, Lakshminarayan, Gouri Shankar, Surynarayan, Narad, Dattatreya, Saptrishis, and Navgrah.
2. Varah Temple
The Varah Temple was built by king Arnoraj in the 12th century.The temple was attacked and destroyed by Muslim rulers.In 1727 twenty years after the death of Auragzeb the statue of Varah was  set up here.
3.Rangnaathji's Old Temple                                                                              
The temple is situated in the middle of the town. It was built by Seth Puranmal of Haydrabad in 1844. Dravid Brahmans are its Poojaris (priests). It is a huge and attractive temple. There are the statues of Venigopal, Narishingh and Lakshmi also.
4. Rama Baikunth Temple
It is known as new Ranganaath temple. The temple was built by a Marwari Seth Bangar of Deedwaana. There  are the statues of Baikunthnaath and Lakshmi. Brahmotsav is celebrated in the month of Chaitra an Jhoolotsav is celebrated in the month of Saavan.
5. The Temple of Atpateshwar Mahadev
6. The Tample of Savitri
7. The Temple of Gayatri
8. The Temple of Ajganheshwar   etc.

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