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Sunday, October 14, 2012

7-3-5 Devotion To Profession(Vyasay Ke Prati Nishtha

 Devotion to Profession

Work makes the world giving on. The progress of the family, society, nation and the world depends on the work done by the persons. The work done by the every individual has its own importance. Work is neither small nor big. It is the attitude of the persons which may be small or big but not the work. The mayor of a city is the first citizen of that city whose duty is do the work and to make the plans for the development and for the betterment of the city. But if the sweepers of that city do not work  even for two or three days, what will be the condition of the city ? This situation proves that the work of a sweeper is not less important than that of the mayor. The same thing applies to every work or profession.
So the person should have high feeling towards his or her profession. He should do his duty as if it were the divine order. Having a noble feeling towards one's profession produces wonderful results. Through the same feeling the person makes progress in his life, and gets himself ready to shoulder important responsibilities, and as a result of it other persons begin to have a feeling of respect towards that person.
There might be some pieces of work that may seem boring but if we do them with the feeling of enthusiasm and delight they become interesting. In Rajasthan and particularly in the rural area of Rajasthan when the women do hard work, they sing to remove to tediousness or weariness. Such type of singing turns the hard and boring work into a kind of picnic.
When the person does his work with happiness, devotion and honesty, the possibility of success in that work becomes stronger. If the work is done with a high spirit, it adds glory to the work and the worker finds satisfaction with that work. So we must have respect for our profession and do our job with zeal and high spirit.

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