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Sunday, October 14, 2012


 What is Vedic Astrology--
Indian astrology is known as Vedic astrology. It is the integral part of Vedic culture. Besides four Vedas there are six vedangs also which literally mean the limbs or organs of Vedas. They are six in number. Their names are 1. Shiksha 2.Kalpa  3.Vyakarna 4.Nirukta 5.Chandas 6. Jyotish (astronomy and astsrology).
These six limbs were taught and studied as the integral part of the ancient  vedic education system. These Subjects helped the learners in their all round development of these six subjects. Jyotish deals with the study of heavenly bodies and study of the destiny of a person.
It can be said that the calculations of the Vedic astrologers are reliable. Even in those days when people had  no modern instruments, the sages of ancient India calculated the accurate motion and position of the planets. They were able to tell the exact time and date of solar and Lunar eclipses.  Thus Indian astrology is scientific in nature and uses mathematical calculations to arrive at the accurate predictions. 

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