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Sunday, December 9, 2012



The Geeta contains the gospel of work  , the gospel of devotion and the gospel of knowledge. It teaches us that we have a right to the action only but not to its fruit or result and that success and failure are the same at the bottom. It calls upon us to dedicate ourselves to our duty with body mind and soul and not to become a victim of desires and impulses. The study of this book transforms the person into a true servant of nation as well as humanity. 
Main Things :-
1. Doubt is the root cause of distress.
2. Soul is immortal. It is never born so it never dies.
3. If God is for you , who can be against you ?
4. Whatever happens , always happens for the best.
5. Do the right thing , in the right way and at the right time without any attachment either to the fruits there of or to the action itself in terms of doership .
6. The things which belong to a person today , belonged to someone else yesterday and they will belong to someone else tomorrow.
7. At one time you are the owner of lacs and in the very next moment you loose everything and become poor.
8. Situations don't always remain the same because change is the rule of nature.

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