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Thursday, February 14, 2013

(5.2.7) Akshaya Tritiya / Aakha Teej / Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya Tritiya / Akha Teej / Akshaya Tritiya  (Muhurat) 

When is Akshay Tritiya 
 Vaisakh Shukla Tritya is known as Aksaya Tritiya.
Akshay Tritiya is popularly known as Aakha Teej.  It  is considered as holy and auspicious day by the Hindus.This day is also known as Swayam Siddha Muhurat for every event.It falls on Vaisakh Shukla Tritiya Tithi. Akshaya means never diminishing.So the things done on this day remain intact for ever.The beginning of an event or purchasing valuables on this day are considered certain to bring good luck and success.
On Akshaya Tritiya Vrat is observed and lord Vishnu and goddess Lakshmi are worshiped to get their blessings. (Akshaya tritiya Vrat and Puja benefits)
Although Akshaya Tritiya is included in the self proven Muhurats so the new work can be started or purchased any new thing  at any time on this day.
Important things about Akshaya Tritiya :-
1. According to the Bhavishya Puran, Satyug and Tretayug were started on Akshaya Tritiya .
2. Hayagriva , Parshuram and Narnarayan incarnated on this day.
3. The gates of Badrinath temple are opened on this day.
4.Ved Vyas, the great sage, along with Lord Ganesh started writing the great epic Mahabharat on this day.
5. According to Matsya Puran and Bhavishya Puran the benefits of taking a bath in the Ganga, doing Vishnu Puja and any Havan or giving anything as charity on this day, never diminish and they prove fruitful.
6. Keeping fast and chanting the Vishnu Sahastranam or Mantra related to  Lord Vishnu is considered most fruitful.
7. Wear new clothes,offer water to the Tulsi plant then start any new work on this day. You will get success.
8. The things given as a charity on this day is considered auspicious.
9. If no Muhurat is available for marriage, Akshaya Tritiya is the popular Muhurat for marriage ceremony.
10.If Lakshmi puja is done on this day,it brings prosperity.
10. Keeping fast and feeding a few Brahmins  on Akshaya Tritiya, is considered fruitful.
11. Buying new clothes and purchasing new things , ornaments made of gold or silver and utensils etc., is considered auspicious.
12. New buildings , organizations or institutes are inaugurated on this day .
13. Among the farmer community Akshay Tritiya is very popular , particularly in Rajasthan ,where the farmers start ploughing their land and start symbolic showing in  the early morning on Akshaya Tritiya.
'' wishes you and your family a very happy Akshaya Tritiya !' 
'May this Akshaya Tritiya bring you peace and prosperity!'
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