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Friday, March 15, 2013

12-1-1 Duty

There was a rich shepherd in a village. Once he hired two boys to take care of his sheep. He divided the herd of sheep in two groups and assigned one boy to each. After a few days he observed that some of the sheep had died and others had lost weight in both the groups. The owner found the two boys guilty.
Both of them used to take the sheep along with them every morning but used to let them just roam around here and there and spent time in the 'hobbies' they were addicted to. One of them was used to gossiping He would just sit with a gang of other boys and gossip .  The sheep used to just move around in the surrounding area whether there was sufficient  stuff for grazing or not. Similar was the case with the other group; the boy in-charge of this had 'addiction' of spending time in worship and religious rituals.
The farmer lodged a complaint against both of them. Both were presented in the court of Village Judge. Although there was a great qualitative difference in their addictions, both were given the same penalty being found guilty of neglect of assigned duty.
The judicial verdict conveyed was- whatever is done by neglecting the assigned duties is wrong; whether it is the bad habit of gossiping or the good practice of worship; both are addictions in this case. Both are equally punishable because the immediate duty was fully ignored in each.

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