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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

12-1-6 Sensitiveness of Lal Bahadur

12-1-6  Sensitiveness of  Lal Bahadur 

When Lal Bahadur was six years old, one day he ,with a group of boys, raided a public garden for sheer mischief of it.As his companions climbed trees and began to pluck fruits ,Lal Bahadur looked around in pensive mood and plucked only a flower from a bush. Just then , one of the boys saw the mali  coming and  raised the alarm, instantly all the boys , except Lal Bahadur, vanished. The mali caught hold of Lal Bahadur and beat him. 
Lal Bahadur said , "I am a poor, fatherless boy.Do not beat me." The mali smiled and said,"All the more reason why, my boy, you should behave better."
He then swore that he would behave better than others, and said to himself that he had to do that because he was fatherless. 
This incident of Lal Bahadur's early life illustrates of his highly sensitive nature.   
( This story is not our creation. It is our collection only)

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