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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

12-1- 8 Tenzing Norgay

 Tenzing Norgay 

Tenzing Norgay was born in 1914. He lived with his parents in a small village in Nepal.There was no school in the village or near it.Due to their poverty his parents were not able to send him to school in town . From his childhood he liked to spend the day among the hills and visit new places.
In 1935 a British team selected him as a porter.The team was ready to go to Everest. Tenzing went with it. He was one of the few Sherpas to reach North Col. It is an important point on the way to Everest.Tenzing joined many teams of climbers after 1935. He always went with the main party of climbers. He still worked as a porter but soon learnt  to climb mountains. He won his first medal for climbing in 1938.
Hard work helped Tenzing to become a good climber . He was able to climb even in very bad weather. He chose the most difficult task for himself. He also helped other porters in their difficulties.
In 1952 Tenzing joined a Swiss team. It made two attempts on Everst but failed to reach the top. Two climbers - Tenzing and Lambert reached a height of  27500feet . They spent the night there without a stove or sleeping bags. They slapped each other to keep themselves warm . In the morning,They came down . This was Tenzing's sixth attempt to climb Everest.
The British attempt of 1953 was the seventh for Tenzing. This time he was the leader of the Sherpas as well as a climber. The team set up its ninth camp at a height of 27900 feet . From there it made an attempt to climb to the top of Everest.It sent two persons there but they failed to reach the top.Tenzing and Edmund Hillary made the next attempt. They left the camp early in the morning and climbed for three hours. They were 300 feet from the top now.They climbed slowly towards the top and reached it in about two hours. The two men Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary stood there at 11.30 in the morning on 29 May , 1953 . They were the first to climb a height of 29028 feet . They got success due to their hard work,determination ,courage and will power and became famous in the world.
Moral - The key to success is hard work, determination, courage and will power. 
( This story is not our creation. It is our collection only)

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