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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

12-1-9 Simplicity of Einstine

 Simplicity of Einstine  

The Nobel Prize winner, great scientist Einstine, led a very simple life. He did not like pomp and show in his daily life. On his fifteeth birthday, his admirers  sent him congratulations. A few of them came there and wanted to congratulate him personally. So they brought bouquets with them and went to his home. At that time Einstine was working in his laboratory. His wife went to his laboratory to inform him of their (the admirers) arrival.He came out of the laboratory with his wife. His wife did not like her husband's meeting the admirers in his dirty clothes.
She got irritated and said, "While meeting the people, you must have changed your pantaloon." Einstine laughed and said," They have come to meet me and congratulate me and not to my pantaloon."  His wife became silent. Einstine kept on accepting the congratulations wearing the dirty clothes.
Such was the simplicity of Einstine.  
(This story is not our creation. It is our collection)

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