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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

5-3-10 Mrityu Yog

 Mrityu Yog 

What is Mrityu Yog -
Mrityu yog is the combination of a certain tithi and a certain var.This yog is considered unfavorable and inauspicious.So one should avoid doing any auspicious task during this yog.
When and how is Mrityu Yog formed - 
Mrityu yog is formed with the following combination of Tithis and Vars:-
1.When the tithis - Pratipada or sixth or eleventh falls on Sunday or Tuesday.
2.When the tithis  - second or seventh or twelfth falls on Monday or Friday.
3.When the tithis- third or eighth or thirteenth falls on Wednesday.
4.When the tiths - fourth or ninth or fourteenth falls on Thursday.
5.When the tithis - fifth or tenth or purnima falls on Saturday.  
Note :- Mrityu yog is also formed when  a particular Nakshatra ( constellation ) appears on a particular Vaar (week day ) as given below :-
    Vaar      -       Nakshatra
1. Sunday -       Anuradha
2. Monday -      Uttaraashadha
3. Tuesday -      Shatbhisha
4. Wednesday -Ashavini
5. Thursday -   Mrigshira
6. Friday -       Ashlesha
7. Saturday -   Hast 
Note :-  If there occurs any auspicious yog like Sarvaarth siddhi yog , Amrit siddhi yog ,Siddhi yog etc. during Mrityu yog, the Mrityu yog becomes almost effect-less i.e. the auspicious yog nullifies the evil effect of Mrityu yog .
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