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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

(5-3-12) Holashtak 2017

Holashtak (An inauspicious period ) in 2017/ What is Holashtak / What is not done during Holashtak / What is done during Holashtak

What is Holashtak 
Holashtak is a period of eight days which begins from (the lunar month ) Phalgun Shukla Ashtmi and ends on the Phalgun Purnima Tithi (the full moon day ).This period of eight days is considered inauspicious by the Hindu community specially in north India.
When is Holashtak in 2017
In the year 2017 Holashtak begins on  Sunday, 05.03.2017 and ends on Sunday, 12.03.2017.
What should not be done during Holashtak
The auspicious tasks are not done during Holashtak like -
(1) Marriage
(2) Engagements ( Ring ceremony )
(3) Griha Pravesh
(4) Construction of a new house
(5) Purchasing  of new things . 
What should be done during Holashtak
During the period of holashtak -
(1) One should do Puja Path and Daan Punya  (2)The work which is already going on, need not to be stopped but new work should not be started.
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