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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

5-3-14 Jwalamukhi Yog

 Jwalamukhi Yog - an inauspivious Yog in Muhurat astrology

What is Jwalamukhi Yog - 
Jwalamukhi yog is an inauspicious Yog. It formed when there is a combination of a particular Nakshatra and a particular Tithi (lunar day) on the same day.The formations of this yog is considered to be very inauspicious.So the auspicious activities are not done in this yog.
How and when is Jwalamukhi Yog formed -
Jwalamukhi yog is formed when the following Tithi and nakshatra fall together on the same day - 
1.Pratipada Tithi and Mool Nakshatra.
2.Panchmi TIthi and Bharani Nakshatra.
3.Ashthami Tithi and Kritika Nakshatra.
4.Navami Tithi and Rohini Nakshatra.
5.Dashami Tithi and Ashlesha Nakshatra.
One must avoid starting any new work in this auspicious yog.
This yog is considered very inauspicious or evil.  It is said that -
  1. If a child is born in this yog, he/she may suffer from serious diseases.
  2. If someone gets married in this yog, her/his married life may be unhappy.
  3. If a person enters a new house, some evil may befall on that person.
  4. If a well or pond is dug in this yog , the water of that well / pond may dry soon.
  5. If a person falls ill in this yog, he may remain ill for a long time.
Remedial  Measures :-
Out of the above mentioned things, only two things are not  under our control - (a) One is to take birth and (b) One is to fall ill.
To avoid the evil effects for the above two things Mahamrityunjay Mantra or Triyakshri Mrityunjay Mantra jaap should be done through proper method.
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