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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

(5.3.15) Combustion of Guru (Jupiter ) /Guru Ast-Uday 2017 - 2018

Combustion of Guru (Jupiter) Guru Tara Ast / Udaya 2017 - 2018 

When will Jupiter (Guru) remain combust in the 2017 -2018
In the year 2017, Combustion of Jupiter ( Guru Tara Ast will begin on Wednesday, 11 October, 2017 in the west direction and the combustion will end on Monday, 06 November, 2017  in the east. 
( Note - The old age period is observed three days before the combustion of Jupiter and childhood period is observed three days after the combustion of the Jupiter is over.This period is also considered as inauspicious)
What is Combustion
When a planet  comes within a certain range of closeness to the sun,that planet is said to be combust. This range of closeness is measured in degrees which is different for different planets.When a planet becomes combust,it loses its strength and shine and becomes weak.
According to the Hindu astrology,Jupiter(Guru) and Venus (Shukra) are considered auspicious / benefic/shubh planets,so the performing of any auspicious ceremonies during the period of their combustion is prohibited.
The following tasks are not done when the jupiter and venus become combust - 
Diggingwell, laying foundation of a house,Grih pravesh,marriage,engagement,mundan,purchasing a new vehicle,beginning a new business etc.  Other Posts you will like to read :- 

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