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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

5-3-5 Popular Muhurat for marriage (vivah ke aboojh muhurat)

5-3-5 Popular Muhurat for marriage (Vivah ke aboojh muhurat) 

Marriage is an important Sanskar in life.For the successful and peaceful married life Indian sages have prescribed some norms for the muhurat for marriage.Besides these norms , Ashuddha (inauspicious) period of the year i.e. Malmaas,Harishayan,Adhik maas,Guru shukra Asta,Holashtak etc. is also avoided for the marriage muhurat.Because of these reasons the number of the auspicious muhurat for marrige remains limited.Keeping this thing in view,and  to increase the number of the muhurats for the marriages  the following Tithis have also been included for performing marriages.These Tithis are known as the popular muhurat for the marriages:-
1.Akshaya Tritiya (Veshakh shukla Teej)  
2.Peepal Purnima (Veshakh shukla Purnima)
3.Ganga Dashami (Jestha shukla Dashami)
4.Bhadalya Navami (Ashadh shukla Navami)
5.Dev Uthani Ekadashi (Kartika shukla Ekadashi)
6.Basant Panchami (Magh shukla Panchami)
7.Phulera Dooj (Phalgun shukla Divitiya)
Among these popular muhurats only Akshaya Tritiya is self proven muhurat and has Shastriya recognization.The other Tithis do not have any Shastriya reorganization but they have gained so much popularity that marriages are performed on these tithis successfully and these tithis are known as Aboojh muhurat for marriages.
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