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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

5-3-6 Panchak / Panchak Nakshatra

Panchak / Panchak Nakshatra

What is Panchak / Which are Panchang Nakshatras
Panchak is a group of  five Nakshatras (constellations). These five Nakshatras are Dhanishthaa (last two partsquarters),Shatabhisha,Poorvaabhadrapad,Uttaraa Bhaadrapad and Revati. 
There is a misconception about Panchak among people.Some people think that the period of Panchak is inauspicious so auspicious tasks should not be done during the period of Panchak. But the fact is not so.
During Panchak only the following five tasks are prohibited :-
1.Journey in the south direction.
2.Putting roof on the house (placing the RCC roof of the house).
3.Making a Charpai (A cot or a bed)
4.Collection of fuel ,particularly fire wood for using as fuel.
5.Cremation of a dead body.(Note - But cremating the dead body can not be avoided,so five dummy dead bodies are made of flour or Kush and they are burnt too. Shanti karm is also performed while burning the dead body.)
Good things about Panchak
Many of the following auspicious tasks are done during the Panchak period - 
(A) Name of the task     - Name of the Nakshatra:-
1. Mundan                     - Dhanistha,Shatbhisha,Revati
2. Beginning education   - Dhanistha,Shatbhisha.
3.Love marriage             - Dhanistha , Shatbhisha.
4.Marriage                     - Uttara Bhadrapad, Revati.
5.Sutika Snan                 - Uttara Bhadrapad,Revati.
6.Construction of a house - Dhanistha,Shatbisha,Uttara Bhadrapad,Revati
7.Griha Pravesh             - Uttara Bhadrapad,Revati.

(B) Subh yog are also formed with the combination of Panchak Nakshatras and Var (week day ). These yog are considered better for doing a particular auspicious task.These yog are as follows :-
1. Sunday + Dhanishtha = Matang yog 
2. Sunday +Purva Bhadrapad = Char yog
3.Sunday + Uttara Bhadrapad = Susthir yog
4.Sunday + Revati =Pravardh yog 
5.Monday+Dhanishtha = Shubh yog 
6.Monday +Shatbhisha = Amrit yog 
7.Monday +Revati =Mantang yog 
8.Tuesday +Uttara Bhadrapad = Siddhi yog 
9.Tuesday +Revati = Mitra yog 
10.Wednessday+Dhanishtha = Mitra yog 
11.Wednessday + Shatbhisha = Manas yog 
12. Wednessday + Purva Bhadrapad =Padm yog 
13.Thursday + Dhanishtha = Shrivats yog 
14.Thursday +Uttara Bhadrapad = Chhatra yog 
15.Thursday +Revati =Mitra yog 
16.Friday + Dhanishtha =Dhata yog 
17.Friday + Shatbhisha = Soumya Yog 
18.Friday + Uttara Bhadrpad =Ketu 
19.Friday + Revati =Shrivats Yog 
20.Saturday + Dhanishtha = Pravardh yog 
21.Saturday + Shatbhisha = Anand yog 
22. Saturday + Revati = Dhata yog 

C. Sarvarth Siddhi yog and Amrit Siddhi yog are also formed with the combination of a certain var (week day) and certain constellations.These two yog are considered auspicious for many auspicious tasks.
1.Formation of  Sarvarth Siddhi yog    
Sunday + Uttara Bhadrapad 
Tuesday +Uttara Bhadrapad 
Thursday + Revati 
Friday  + Revati 
2. Formation of Amrit  yog Siddhi yog :-
 Friday +Revati 
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