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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

5-3-9 Siddhi Yog

5-3-9 Siddhi Yog 
What is Siddhi Yog -
The combination of a certain Tithi(lunar date) and a certain  Var (week day ) creates a yog.If this yog is favourable for the person, it is called Siddhi yog.
The auspiciousness of Siddhi Yog -
Siddhi yog is considered auspicious for doing the task.If other things like chandra bal etc.are also favourable, the Siddhi yog gives profit and instant results to the person and enhances the auspiciousness of the task which has been undertaken. Besides its auspiciousness this Siddhi yog removes the evil effects of some evil Yog i.e. Mrityu yog etc.
How and When is Siddhi Yog formed -
Siddhi yog is formed with the following combination of tithi and var :-
1.When the tithis third or eighth or thirteenth fall on Tuesday.
2.When the tithis second or seventh or twelfth fall on Wednesday.
3.When the tithis fifth or tenth or purnima fall on Thursday.
4.When the tithis pratipada or sixth or eleventh fall on Friday.
5.When the tithis fourth or ninth or fourteenth fall on Saturday.
Note :- Siddhi yog is also formed when a particular Nakshatra falls on a particular Vaar as given below :-
  Vaar   -        Nakshatra
1. Sunday  -    Mool
2. Monday -    Shravan
3. Tuesday -    Uttrabhadrapad
4.Wednesday - Kritika
5. Thursday -   Punarvasu
6. Friday -       Purvaphaluni
7. Saturday -   Swati
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