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Saturday, March 23, 2013

6-2-3 Gand Mool Nakshatra or Gandant Nakshtara

 Gand Mool Nakshatra or Gandant  Nakshtara  

The six Nakshatras i.e. Mool, Jestha, Ashlesha , Revati , Ashavini and Magha are called Gand Mool Nakshatras . Out of these six Nakshtras, three Nakshatras - Mool , Jestha and Ashalesha are considered more inauspicious for the birth of a child. If a native has taken birth in any of these Nakshatras, Shantikarm is suggested on the day when the same Nakshatra repeats. 
Shantikarm can be done on the thirteenth day from the birth day or when the child attains eight years of his age or at any auspicious time. The Shantikarm removes all the evil effects of the Gand Mool Nakshatra.

Quarter wise effect of Gand Mool Nakshatra on the native :- 
Although it is not considered auspicious the birth of the child in these Nakshatras yet there are some of the quarters of these Nakshatras which are considered auspicious in one Field on the other. 
1.Ashivini Nakshatra  -
First quarter - Harmful for father.
Second quarter - Comfort in life.
Third quarter - Powerful like a minister.
Fourth quarter - Gets king like respects or gets respects from the king. 
2. Ashalesha Nakshatra -
First quarter - Good (after shantikarm).
Second quarter - Loss of wealth.
Third quarter - Harmful for mother.
Fourth quarter - Harmful for father.
3.Magha -
First quarter - Harmful for mother.
Second quarter - Harmful for father.
Third quarter - Comforts and wealth.
Fourth quarter - Wealth and education. 
4. Jestha -
First quarter - Harmful for elder brother.
Second quarter - Harmful for younger brother.
Third quarter  - Harmful for father.
Fourth quarter - Loss in general to the native. 
5. Mool - 
First quarter - Harmful for father.
Second quarter - Harmful for mother.
Third quarter - Loss of wealth.
Fourth quarter - Good after Shanti karm . 
6. Revati - 
First quarter - Gets respect from the king.
Second quarter - Powerful like a minister.
Third quarter - Wealth and riches.
Fourth quarter - Many troubles. 

Abhukt Mool - 
According to the Narad Sanhita, the last four Ghatis of Jeshtha (one ghati is equal to 24 minutes ) and the first four Ghatis of Mool Nakshatra is known as Abhukt Mool. According to the Acharya Vashishtha the last one Ghati of Jeshtha and the first two Ghatis of Mool Nakshatra is the Abhukt Mool .According to Brihaspati a half of the last Ghati of Jeshtha and a half of the first Ghati of Mool , thus one Ghati is known as Abhukt Mool.
The other Acharyas say that the first eight Ghatis of Mool and last five Ghatis of Jeshtha, thus thirteen Ghatis is known as the Abhukt Mool. 
The period of Abhukt Mool is considered to be very inauspicious. So if the native has taken birth in Abhukt mool,Shanti karm must be done on the day when the same Nakshatra repeats.

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