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Sunday, March 31, 2013

6-2-5 Kaal Sarp Yog / Kal Sarp Dosh

Kal sarp Yog ? Need not be afraid of it.

What is  Kaal Sarp Yog / Kal Sarp Dosh and how it is formed - 
Kalsarp Yog is a Yog in astrology.Some times this Yog is called as Kal Sarp Dosh but it is not a Dosh, it is a Yog.
Kaal Sarp Yog is formed when all the other seven planets (while transiting from one sign of the zodiac to the next sign) come between Rahu and Ketu in the birth chart of a person. This combination is considered a negative and inauspicious Yog. It is said that this Yog creates obstacles in the life of the person and he has to struggle a lot to achieve his goal.
Why has Kalsarp Yog become so fearful -
It has become much fearful Yog  because of its name as Kaal means death and Sarp means snake. Thus its name has psychologically negative effect on the minds of the people in general.  
The fact about Kalsarp Yog -
But the fact is not so. How can only Rahu and Ketu do and decide every thing for a person? If they do , what will be the role of other seven planets ? The osition of other seven planets cannot be over looked. If the horoscope of a person , with Kaal Sarp yog , has other auspicious yogs like Gajkesri yog , Raj yog or any other good yog etc. or Jupiter or other planets are in their exalted state , Rahu and Ketu are in their exalted sign , the so called Kaal Sarp yog cannot have any adverse effect on the life of the person.
One more important thing about the Kaal Sarp yog is that ancient books on Astrology like Mansagari, Brihajjatak, Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra etc. have not even mentioned this Yog.
If your Kundali has this yog, you need not be afraid of it because every one of us has one  problem or the other in our life , and every problem is not due  to this yog. Have full faith in God and chant Maha Mritunjay Mantra or Tri akshar Mritujay Mantra  or  worship Lord Shiva with full faith  and you will find that every problem passes away without  causing you any harm.
It is also necessary to mention that there many persons who have achieved a lot of success in their life in spite of having this Kaal Sarp Yog in their birth chart.
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