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Saturday, March 9, 2013

7-2-9 Chatushloki Bhagavat

 Chatushloki Bhagavat 
These four shlokas (verses) are the essence the whole epic Bhagavat Puran.The reciting and the listening of these four verses everday with full faith, removes the ignorance and the arrogance of a person and leads him to the real knowledge of self.The person who recites and reads them becomes free from sins and follows the true path in his life.The four shlokas are as follows:-

Shlok (1 )
Ahamevaasamevaagre naanyadhyatsadasatparam.
Pashchaadaham yadetachch yovashishyet sosmyaham(1)
अहमेवासमेवाग्रे   नान्यद्यत्सदसत्परम।
पश्चादहं  यदेतच्च योSवशिष्येत  सोSस्म्यहम।१।
Meaning:- . Lord says :-Before the creation of anything,it was only I who existed here.Sat,Asat and beyond that there was nothing that was different from me. The world which is seen as the universe is also just me.Whatever remains after the annihilation or total destruction (Pralaya) is also me (1)
Shlok (2 )
Ritertham yat prateeyet na prateeyet chaatmani.
Tadvidhyaadaatmano maayaam yathaa bhaaso yathaa tamah.
ऋतेSर्थं यत प्रतीयेत न प्रतीयेत चात्मनि।
तद्विद्यादात्मनो मायां यथाSSभासो यथा तमः।२।  
Meaning :- Whatever is seen in any form besides me,has no reality in itself.It is only the Maya which appears to be substantial.It is unreal like a reflection of anything.(2)
Shlok (3 )
Yathaa mahaanti bhootaani bhooteshoochchaavacheshvanu.
Pravishtaanyapravishtaani tathaa teshu na teshvaham.(3)
 यथा महान्ति भूतानि भूतेषूच्चावचेष्वनु।
 प्रविष्टान्यप्रविष्टानि तथा तेषु न तेष्वहम।३।
Meaning :-The five great elements (earth,water,fire,air and space) seem to have entered all beings and at the same time not entered them too (they exist without them ). Similarly,the Supreme Reality seems to be in all beings,yet not in them(i.e. the Supreme Reality exist without them).  (3)
Shlok (4 )
Etaavdev jigyaasyam tatvajigyaasunaatmanah.
Anvayavytirekaabhyaam yat syaat sarvatra sarvadaa.(4)
एतावदेव जिज्ञास्यं तत्त्वजिज्ञासुनाSSत्मन:।   
अन्वयव्यतिरेकाभ्यां यत स्यात  सर्वत्र सर्वदा।४। 
Meaning :- The person who wants to know the Supreme, he must know only this that it is only Truth that is the self alone, that exists everywhere at all times or that whatever exists beyond time and space during the process of creation and total destruction,is the Ultimate Truth. (4)
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