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Friday, March 1, 2013

8-2-22 Surya Mantra for Self Confidence , Success & Health

 Surya Mantra for Self confidence & Success

This Mantra is dedicated to the sun or Surya,the only living God we see, without whom we can not live.This Mantra is useful for :-
-Self confidence.
-Educational success.
-Materialistic success.
-Removing negative feelings.
The process of Mantra Jap :-
After taking bath in the morning, sit on a piece of woollen cloth at a peaceful place facing east.Close your eyes and have a feeling that God Surya has the power to fill the devotee with confidence,fulfill his desires and can remove the problems and negative feelings.I bow to God Surya and pray to him to fill me with confidence,give me educational and materialistic success and health.
After this prayer and feeling Jap the following Mantra for 1080 times (ten malas ). For desired result 300000 Jap should be done in total.The Mantra is as follows :-
Om Hreem Sooryaaya  Namah.
ॐ  ह्रीं  सूर्याय  नमः। 
When the Jap is over,sit very quietly for some time.Close your eyes and reflect upon the power of Surya.Have a feeling in your mind that God sun has accepted your prayer and he is blessing you with success,happiness and self confidence.After it fold your hands and pay your respects to God Surya and leave the place of puja and commence your routine work.

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