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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

6-2-7 Sadhesati of Shani / Saturn (Brihat Kalyani)

Sadhesaati of Shani (Saturn) 

What is Sadhesaati of Shani and when does it occur
The period of seven and a half year, when Saturn (Shani), transiting from one sign of the zodiac to the other, comes in the twelfth, first and second houses from the birth sign of a person, is known as Sadhesathi of Shani or Brihat Kalyani.
The result of Sadheraati -
Saturn takes thirty years to make one round of the zodiac.So the sadhesati of Shani may occur three times in the life time of a person.During the Sadhesati of Shani, the person may have some disappointment, differences with near and dear ones, tension, troubles, disputes, financial loss, problems due to diseases or enemies and so on.
But at the same time it  is also not right that the whole period of seven and a half year is  full of troubles for the person. The result of the Sadhesati transit is different  from one person to the other. It depends on the planetary situation  in the birth chart of the person. If in the birth chart of the person,Saturn is exalted or placed in its own sign or it is in the sign of its friends or it is the lord of the birth sign, he (the native) may  have auspicious events like marriage,birth of children, promotion, winning election, foreign travels, good financial condition and so on.
One important  thing about Saturn is that this planet is known as the planet of justice. So it punishes the person for his evil deeds and gives reward for his good deeds.
Remedies for Sadhesati of Shani (Saturn)
To remove the evil effects of the sadhesati of saturn, the  following remedies are fruitful :-
Go to any Hanuman temple and recite Hanuman chalisa seven or five times on Saturdays. If not possible to go to the temple, sit at a peaceful place at your home and recite Hanuman Chalisa eleven times.
(or) Recite Sundarkand on Saturdays.
(or) Recite Shani Kavach daily.
(or) Observe fast (vrat) on Saturdays (for seven Saturdays), and go to the Hanuman temple and offer 100 gram jaggery and 100 gram roasted Gram as the Prasad to god Hanuman.
(or) Chant the following Mantra daily as many times as you can:-
Aum Sham Shanaishcharaay Namah.
ॐ शं  शनैश्चराय नमः।
Along with the above mentioned remedial measures, donate oil, sesame seeds, umbrella, blanket, shoes, things made of iron etc.
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