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Friday, May 31, 2013

13-1-3 Toran (Custom of Hindu Marriage )

Toran - A Marriage Ritual 

What is a Toran - 
A Toran is a small board made of wood. It has a symbol of swaastik and a painting ( picture ) of Lord Ganesh on it. Toran is a symbol of auspiciousness and prosperity. According to some other legend Toran is a symbol of victory. The Toran is hung on the main gate of the bride's home.
Toran Puja or Toran Maarnaa --
Toran puja, which is popularly known as Toran Maarnaa, is an important ritual of the Hindu marriage, particularly in Rajasthan and in some other adjoining states.
How is Toran Puja performed - The bride groom reaches the bride's home with his friends, relatives and other Baratis. He rides on a mare. The mother of the bride and other women welcome him ( the bride groom ) at the gate. She does his Aarti also. The Pandit recites some holy Mantras. Then the puja of the Toran is performed. After this puja, the bride groom touches the Toran with a stick or a sword.
Legend -
According to a legend, there was a demon whose name was Toran, who stood at the gate of a city to guard it. He did not let the gods enter the city to worship etc. He also put obstacles in the marriages and other auspicious activities. Only after killing him, the gods were able to enter the city easily. Since then this ritual is known as 'Toran Maarnaa'. The touching of the Toran with a stick or a sward by the bride groom is symbolic of killing the demon Toran.
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