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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

(5.2.14) Nrishigh Jayanti 2017

Nrishigh Jayanti  2017

When is Nrisingh Jayanti in 2017
In the year 2017,  Nrishingh Jayanti is on Tuesday, 09  May 2017.
Important things about Nrisingh Jayanti -
> Nrishingh Jayanti is celebrated on Vaisakh Shukla Chaturdasi.
> But for this celebration , Pradosh Vyapini Chaturdasi (the chaturdasi should prevail in the Pradosh kal) is taken.
> On the Nrisingh Jayanti , people keep vart , do Hari Kirtan and read or listen to the religious scriptures.
> Nrisingh is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He took this incarnation to kill Hiranyakashipu and to save Bhakt Prahlad.
> Lord Nrisingh helps and removes the obstacles of the persons who observe Vrat and do Hari Kirtan on this day .

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