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Sunday, June 2, 2013

11-2-1 Good Jokes / Chutkale

  Good Jokes / Chutkale 

1. Innocence
During a visit to the rural area, the development officer asked the Sarpanch of a village - " Was any big person born in your village ? "
The Sarpanch humbly replied - " No sir, no big man was born here. In our village only small children are born, not the big persons. "
2. Remedy
Savan to a Sadhu, " Please, suggest me a remedy so that I may have a full control over my wife. "
The Sadhu replied, " O, innocent child, if there were any remedy, why would I have become a Sadhu ? "
3. Obedience -
Mother to her son, " Why are you running after the dog taking a pen with you ? "
The child - " Mother, our teacher has asked us to write an essay ' on a dog '.
4. Sharp reply
" I have heard you are a veterinary doctor. "
" Yes, that is right. What problem have you got ? "
5. Reason
Sawan to Bhadou, " Almost all the films start with love between a hero and a heroine and end with their marriage. "
Bhadou - " They do not want to show the tragic scenes which take place after the marriage. "
6. Reason 
Wife - " Why are you throwing stones up at the sky ? "
Husband - " It is said that pairs are made in heaven. "
7. An open secret
A man climbed up on a electric pole, pasted a slip on the top of it and climbed down.
The other person's curiosity aroused and he could not resist himself. He also climbed up on the electric pole and read what was written in the slip. The slip had the following line - " This is the highest part of this pole. "
8. Rich man 
Sawan went to a sweet seller's shop and gave him a ten rupee note and then asked him, " Pack the fresh sweet you have in your shop. "
The sweet seller - (By way of making a fun ) " Are you going to arrange a big party ? "
Sawan - " No, it is not so. But the rich persons like me, don't bother spending ten rupee on sweets etc. "
9. Helplessness
In a crowded a bus Sawan closed his eyes as if he were sleeping. His friend Bhadou asked him, " Why have you closed your eyes ? Are you feeling asleep ? "
Sawan - " It is not so. But I don't like to look at the ladies standing up in a crowded bus. "     

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