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Saturday, June 1, 2013

12-2-5 Quotations from Vedas

 Quotations  from Vedas 

1. I have self effort in my left hand and victory in the right hand. I can win cows, horses, money and gold i.e. I am capable of achieving prosperity through focused self effort. ( Atharva ved 7/50/8 )
2. One who does not know the way ahead takes guidance from someone who knows it. One who learns from a truly knowledgeable teacher, gets the right direction. ( Rig ved 10/32/7 )
3. A true devotee of God says , " I have got true intelligence through devotion of God, the nourisher of the world and embodiment of truth. So I have become like the sun. It means, I have got such an ability by which I can remove the ignorance of the world, like the sun, which is able to remove darkness. ( Rig ved 8/6/10 )
4. O, sin, leave us alone, be our subordinate and make us happy. Go away from us so that we may be able to obtain our well being and be happy. ( It means that a man can enjoy a happy life after keeping off sins ) ( Atharav ved 6/26/1 )
5. Let excellent speakers and highly knowledgeable Gurus by imparting instruction keep us away from sins just as a learned charioteer possessing superior and sinless qualities can steer his chariot away from bad roads. Similarly, let scholarly mother also by making her child knowledgeable, keep him away from undesirable habits.  

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