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Saturday, June 1, 2013

13-2-1 Rajasthni Proverbs

13-2-1 Rajasthani Proverbs / Kahavaten / कहावतें / Marwari Kahavaten

What is a proverb - 
A proverb is short sentence that people often quote and that gives advice or tells you something about human life and problems in general. (Coollins Cobuild Dictionary)
A proverb is a short saying ,with words of advice or warning. (Advanced Learner's Dictionary)
A proverb is a wit of one, and the wisdom of many.(Lord John Russel)
1. Aandhaa kaa tandooraa raamdev jee bajaasee.
1. आंधा का तंदूरा रामदेव जी बजासी।
 God takes care of a helpless person.
(A Rajasthani Proverb)
2. Kare kun, ar bhare kun.
2. क'रै कुण , अ'र भ'रै  कुण।
 There are times when some other person commits a crime and an innocent person has to bear the results.
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
3. Jaajyo laakh, raijyo saakh.
जाज्यो लाख ,रैज्यो साख।
Honour and pride are much more valuable than money.
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
4. Abhaagyo taabar tyohaaraa ne rusai.
4. अभाग्यो टाबर त्योंहारा नै रुसै।
 There are some persons who are unable  to make the proper use of the available chances.
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
5. Bholo huchyo haranaa kee laare laagyo.
 भोळो हुच्यो हिरणा की ला'रै लाग्यो।
 When a person believes a deceptive person , he is sure to be deceived.
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
6. Unt ko rog rebaaree jaanai.
6. ऊंट को रोग रेबारी जाणै।
Only an expert person in the field , can know the real fault.
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
7. Aasojaa kaa padyaa taavadaa, jogee bangyaa jaat.
7. आसोजां का पड्या तावड़ा, जोगी बणग्या जाट।
  During the rainy season when there is no rain, the farmer community has to under go monetary loss.
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
8. Naahar ke baachyo kun devai.
8. ना 'र कै बाच्यो कुण दे 'वै।
Who can oppose the mighty and powerful.
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
9. Raanaa rotee rahasee, ar paavanaa jeemataa rahasee.
9. रांडा रोती रहसी , अ 'र पावणा जीमता रहसी।
The essential work will go on even if some one opposes it.
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
10. Baandaree chale gee, ar saankal bhee le gee.
10 . बांदरी चले 'गी , अ 'र साँकऴ भी ले 'गी।
 In some cases smaller loss also seems important when one suffers a bigger loss .
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
11. Nee maamaa su, to kaano maamo hee chokho.
11 . नी, मामा स्यूं तो कांणो मामों ही चोखो।
 Rather than having nothing at all, it is better to get something .(Something is better than nothing .)
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
12. Bholaa ko bheedoo bhagavaan.
12. भोळा को भीडू भगवान।
 God takes care of a helpless person.
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
13. Sooyedaa ke paado, ar jaagyodaa ke paadee.
13.  सूयेडा कै पाडो , अ 'र जाग्योड़ा कै पाडी ।
 The careful or attentive or cautious always gain profit in some way or the other.
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
14. pagaan balatee deekhe konee, doongar bahatee deekhe.
14. पगां बळती दी 'खै को 'नी , डूंगर बळती दी 'खै।
 Some people see even the minor faults of others and over look their major faults .
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
15. Ghar kee khaande karkaree laage, pelaa ko gud meetho laage.
15. घर की खांड करकरी ला 'गै , पेलां को गुड मीठो ला 'गै।
 People always want what is out of their reach and disregard what they have in hand.
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
16. Ya tilaa ma tel konee.
16. यां तिलां म तेल को 'नी।
 There are some people or things that are useless and unable to serve our purpose.
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
17. Ghar ka jogee joganaa, aan gaanv kaa siddh. 
17.  घर का जोगी जौगणा , आन गाँव का सिद्ध।
  A wise man is only acknowledged after he goes away for is livelihood outside his home town or his village.
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
18. Bhatt jee bhattaa khaave, ar doojaa ne gyaan bataave. 
18. भट्ट जी भट्टा खा 'वै , अ 'र  दूजा नै ज्ञान बता 'वै।
 It is easy for one to give advice to others but it is difficult to practise oneself.
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
19. Sau baataa syun to ek naa bhalee
19.  सौ बातां स्यूं तो  एक 'ना' भली।
 It is better to turn down a request  if it is not in our interest and can later get us in to trouble .
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
20. Jhhoot pagan konee chaale.
20. झूंठ पगाँ को 'नी  चा 'लै।
 Sooner or later the reality is disclosed.
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 

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