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Saturday, June 1, 2013

13-2-2 Rajasthani Kahavaten

 Rajasthani  Kahavaten /Proverbs / Sayings  / Marwari Kahavaten

A proverb is short sentence that people often quote and that gives advice or tells you something about human life and problems in general. (Coollins Cobuild Dictionary)
A proverb is a short saying ,with words of advice or warning. (Advanced Learner's Dictionary)
A proverb is a wit of one, and the wisdom of many.(Lord John Russel)
1. Mengaho rove ek baar, ar soongho rove baar baar.
. मेंहगो रो 'वै एक बार, अ 'र सूंघो रो 'वै बार- बार।
 One who buys dear is always better than the one who buys cheap and repents for ever .
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
2.Bakaree rove jeev ne, ar khateek rove maans ne.
. बकरी रो 'वै जीव नै , अ 'र खटीक रो 'वै माँस नै।
 Every one thinks of his own profit.
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
3. Baanyaa kathe hee bholaa konee, ar kaagalaa kathe hee dholaa konee
. बाण'याँ कठै ही भोऴा को 'नी ,अ 'र कागला कठै ही धोऴा को 'नी।
 Inborn nature never changes.
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
4. Ghar ko chhoro, ar baar lo beend.
. घर को छोरो अ 'र , बार लो बींद।
 A person is respected at some other place than at his own place .
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
5. Roto jave, vo maredaa kee khabar lyaave
 रोतो जा 'वै वो मरेड़ा की खबर ल्यावै।
 When a person does the work half heartily , the result cannot be good.
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
6. Binaa royan to maa bhee, bobo konee deve.
 बिना रोयाँ तो माँ ही ,बोबो कोनी  दे 'वै।
 Nothing can be got without effort .
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
7. Jaagataa ne jagaavno do ro.
 जागता नै जगावणो दो 'रो।
 It is difficult to make the person understand who deliberately does not want to understand .
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
8. Ambar ko taaro haath syun konee toote.
 अम्बर को तारो हाथ स्यूं को 'नी टू 'टै।
  To achieve some thing big , one has to work hard .
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
9. Unt kisee kan baihe lo.
 ऊंट किसी कण बैठे 'लो।
 One cannot be sure of the final result .
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
10. Poot kaa pag to paalane hee deekh jaave.
 पूत का पग तो पालणे ही दीख जा 'वे।
 A person's reality can be known at an early stage .
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
11. Marayan binaa sarag konee deeke.
. मरयां बिना सरग कोनी दी 'खै।
 Without depending upon others , one has to do the work oneself to get desired results .

12. Maare jeene maadyo maare, maadyaa na kun maare.
. मारै जी 'नै माद् 'यो मा 'रै, माद् 'या नै कुण मा 'रै।
 Who can oppose the mighty and powerful ?
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
13. Garaj padya, gadhaa na bhee baap banaa vano pade.
 गरज पड्यां , गधा नै भी बाप बणा वणों प 'डे।
 In the times of need , we have to seek help even from the fools .
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
14. Liyo diyo aado aave.
. लियो -दियो आडो आ 'वै।
 Charity removes the misfortune.
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
15. Thagaaya thaakar baaje.
. ठगायाँ ठाकर बा 'जै।
 A person learns by his own experience .
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
16. Maangya syun to raamji bhee mout konee deve.
 मांग्या स्यूं तो राम जी मौत ही को 'नी दे 'वै।
 Every thing requires some effort .
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
17. Paangalee daakan ghar kaa na hee khave.
 पांगळी डाकण घर का नै 'ही खा 'वै।
 There are some wicked persons who do not have courage to harm others but they cause harm to their own relatives to fulfill their mean purpose .
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 
18.Saasoo seelee sakaraat, ar bahoo veekee upraat.
सासू सीळी सकरांत , अ 'र बहु, वी 'की उपरांत।
One person is lazy and the other is lazier.
(A Rajasthani Proverb) 

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