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Sunday, June 9, 2013

13-2-4 Small Things with a Big Difference

1. Two persons = six persons.
When two persons meet, then in fact six persons meet - the two persons what they think of themselves, the two persons about whom the other persons think and the two persons what they are. ( William James )
2. We get back the same what we give others.
Once I asked a sinner, " You commit a lot of sins. Do you know the result they bring to you ?"
The sinner replied, " The Ganga is a holy river. It washes away all the sins committed by everybody. I take a bath in the Ganga and all my sins are washed away."
Then I asked the river Ganga, " A lot of persons come and throw their sins in your water. What do you do with all the sins they throw into you ?"
The Ganga replied, " I take them with my currents and throw them into the sea. " 
I asked the sea, " What do you do with the sins that the Ganga brings to you ? "
The sea replied, " I turn them into vapour and then they become the part of clouds. "
I asked the clouds, " What do you do with the sins, the sea gives to you ? " 
The clouds replied, " In the form of rain we shower all the sins on their respective sinners.
3. Cheerfulness is better than grumbling -
There was once an engine driver who was a cheerful man. He always looked on the bright side of things, and was fond of telling people that there was sure to be some good in their misfortune, whether they could see it or not. One day his train ran into another and he was terribly injured. When he was taken to hospital it was found necessary to amputate one of the legs. A few days later a party of friends visited him, and one of his friends said, " I am afraid the poor fellow will have some difficulty in seeing the bright side of this affair". Hearing this, the engine driver smiled and said, " Not at all, I shall have only one boot to buy and clean in future ".  Cheerfulness is better than grumbling.  

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